Entire village build in the making because of a dismantling bug?

I’m in server #1746 pve and my village I was creating in the mounds of the dead just poofed after dismantling a building piece (foundation or doorframe?) in a house, caused an entire chain reaction to dismantle every single building connected to it and nearby houses that were not connected by any foundation etc, no item has been recovered from the dismantled pieces, is there a way to revert this extreme amount of damage and materials spent?

I would wish that the buildings come back if possible like before the building was gone or before yesterday’s server reset? The time lost was adding up into months of gameplay :smiling_face_with_tear:

as you aren’t new, you should know that there are no rollbacks

Greetings Exile,

I’m terribly sorry about this. I can’t even imagine how terrible watching that must’ve been. But unfortunately, as lanier67 said, there are no rollbacks on our servers. We aren’t able to revert this catastrophic event.

Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any other issues or questions.

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The log says what?

Nothing really, just whatever loot inside a chest was gone and no word of another player or myself destroying the village in one second, but ceilings pieces/roofs/foundations/pillars all lost stability while the whole base went poofed, every house had enough stability to keep it in the air.

the only bug I can think of is when a building connected to the rest of the co-existing buildings, I dismantled or returned a building piece; a (foundation, ceiling piece or door frame [can’t remember which]), it maybe reset all the stability of every piece connected that specific piece so much to every surrounding building that it all crumbled,since everything was all connected someway, it took out the entire place in one shot, including buildings that were not attached to the mansion I was building but in the same vicinity.

This sounds like an admin wipe than bug. Is your account banned? If not, I will check with ZenDesk if you are a victim of a bug or you were simply wiped by an admin for violating the TOS.

no, have not been banned because of this, can still log into the server and play

Close to obelisk? or other “building not allowed spot”?

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Has there been a server reboot between the time this happened and now? You can check that in the event log.

The reason I ask is because the servers update their ban lists only on reboot, so sometimes people don’t know they’ve been banned until a day or two after.

at the mounds, not close enough to block any entrance or exit to the obelisk, some corners of my building were on the outer rims of the do not allow build range but I did not try to pass the limit range

you know the little mountain that obelisk is on, you were able to go in any direction and not be blocked off by my houses

yes the server has been restarted before and I can still play. I did not see anything in the log regarding any bans, I didn’t know if I was suppose to see something after a restart, but I am still currently playing on the server

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It might be near enough to trigger the auto delete. Again check ur log.

my log currently isn’t the same as it was yesterday, but in the log, it had only mentions foundation, pillar, ceiling pieces has lost stability in red text, and some lootbags in chest were decayed, that’s it; aside my gameplay, & for some context, I was using an xbox controller while playing, and was dismantling the insides of a mansion type building

only about 5-7 different pieces were listed as lost stability in log

The log should say if a player dismantled something. I’m unsure if it says when you pick up a building piece. I’ll check it tonight.

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