Entvined general

Why doesn’t the entvined general in the reck drop an upgraded airframe blaster? Skawt’s gave froobs a halfway decent FA weapon, but RE is sub-par for froobs. (well everyone, actually) The lowbie entvines already drop a 100% assault rifle with burst/fa and some nice buffs. Why not just use the Skawts stats, double the buffs of the ql 80 airframe and give froobs a decent assault rifle for once, and leveling paid players a very nice weapon that can be useful later for buffing?

What assault rifle do the entvines drop? Airframe has always been outdoor dyna boss loot, and changing that would feel strange compared to simply adding an new assault rifle.

Airframed blaster drops from level 50-90ish entvine mobs, always has. Never seen or heard of it dropping from a dynaboss.

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nice I’ll go try to find one