Erratic guard Horse behaviors

Has anyone else noticed their horses acting weird?
My horses are always moving. Not staying where they are placed.
Now I just logged in and find my horses outside of their closed door horse stable.
I have noticed this both on PS and Xbox official PVE servers.
This started after the last update. And no it is not npcs attacking. There is no threat around, and it doesn’t explain how they got out from closed doors.

I just put my horses back in left the area. Before and after pics. And before anyone asks. Lol. No I do not own any dlc for the PS. I paid enough already for the Xbox. Lol

Left the area and came back to this… not even 5 mins.


Beautiful stable. I don’t have this kind of issues, sorry. It is not a big deal, yet it seems annoying. I play on Playstation only. Maybe however it has to do with the server. On 8080 I was yesterday, no I didn’t had issues, I will check 8013 later to see.


Yes I noticed that this happens. I assumed they were getting aggro from somewhere… Maybe you should move this to bug reports.

Good luck!


I could observe the same behavior, on PC on an off. PVE-C server even before update 2.6
My horses would have turned around when I log in again, even though the area where I built has no enemy spawns and mobs can’t be pulled into the courtyard by other players. So it was unlikely they got any aggro.

That only happened though when I had horses on guard next to each other.
They had more space in my courtyard than in your beautiful stable, so I don’t think their stable boxes are too small for their hit boxes or something. Sometimes two horses would even stand crisscross with their rear ends clipping into each other.
Do you park your horses at the least possible distance between them?

I guess this might be a bug, maybe something to do with server reset?

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I am actually starting to see that. If I park them closer together, the more erratic behavior.
Though today on Siptah, my horse was alone and when I came back to him he had moved. He couldn’t have been aggroed because My build is on a high cliff Island. It’s like he gets lonely…lol
So who knows.


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