ERROR 10054 and /headagainstwall

What do I have to do to get the game running correctly?

I’ve followed everything I can find on the internet, and I’ve opened ports… set graphics, and uninstalled/reinstalled. I can NOT get this game from dropping connection every few minutes.

I’ve even went so far as to turning firewalls OFF. I still can’t get it running correctly.

I keep getting this “Errors: [TcpHandler_t::handle_input] recv failed: 10054 = connection reset => [Client] Event ‘lost connection’’”

  • the ports are sometimes different. Like i’ve said, i’ve opened all the normal ports, but nothing works.

I’ve played this game off/on since 2001 - I’ve never had this much problem with getting it to run correctly.

Does anyone have any clue of what I can do?

I reinstalled - made sure all ao related files were off the computer. Added specific ip’s from the crashlogs, and it seems to be doing a bit better. I still have crashed, and get random lag spikes.

I believe it’s actually my ISP timing out - My connection is solid, but for some reason it tends to time out. Maybe because its low traffic - I dunno. I have speedtest from ookla pulled up, and everytime it starts to hang, I just alt-tab and hit “Go” to test the speeds. It seems to kick the data back on and AO catches up.

Not really what I had hoped to find as a fix, but it’s working, and i’m able to play.

Hope this helps - any other solutions would be appreciated