Error in Crom: spamming red words over and over

Bug on crom: spamming over and over the words : ‘deaths in Hyboria’ on top of the screen

just an fyi

Indeed, we’re aware of the issue. Sorry for the spam :stuck_out_tongue:

Just in case nobody mentioned, it’s on Zath too.

It’s on all servers, yes. We’re looking into the matter and will likely need to restart the servers in order to stop the spam.

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Looks like game is offline…

Is there an ETA on when the servers will be back online? I realize it might difficult to guess, but if there’s a target it would be good to know. Thanks!

Servers are now online.

Looks like the pvp festival in White Sands is turned off.

It’s not turned off; it just needs a little time before it starts up again after a downtime. :slight_smile:

any reason for this spam

Issue has been resolved with today’s restart.