Error in server logs on Testlive private server - "could not find weighted table with id: we"

Hi, I see dozens of occurences of this in the error logs on my private Testlive server. I spent some time trying to reproduce the problem killing deer in the lower right corner of C11, there are three deer that spawn here just down the hill from the bears.
Each time I killed a deer it seemed to have a chance of throwing the error:

SpawnTable:Error: Data: USpawnTableComponent::SpawnNPCFromWeightedTable - could not find weighted table with id: we

and if it did the number of deer that respawned was reduced by one for each time the error occured.

I use DedicatedServerLauncher 1.3.5 to set it up and manage it.
Game mode: private
Game type: PvE
Testlive client: 265775/27373
No mods.
Server is: “EL-Testlive” in Australia region.

I don’t think anyone is too concerned about a few deer but there are dozens of entries in the logs for this error which suggests its happening a lot (and the npc population is being depleted) across the server.

The similar topic finder is telling me that this was mentioned in July 2019 here: Could not find weighted table with id: we
…so its still a thing.

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