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I am playing single player sipta map and get an error " pack file corrupt or tampered with. pleaseuse steam option ‘verify’ integrity of gamefiles’ to repairgame install Exiting… then it closes on me? any help would be appreciated! Thank you

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Agree, there is a serious problem with singleplayer.

Just started also a new character/game again today for further tests.
Spawned like usual a Ravenger Beach, but when enabling feets, the first problems happen. Interface freeze when selecting feats, total freeze when selecting small wheel of pain.

Checking the log-file reveal lot errors around the wheel of pain, here the small one.

But different interaction on the player interface (feets here) leads to total game freeze, and the need to completely reboot the computer. Twice tested with similar results.

(opening log with notepac++) we start with line 382
[2021.04.23-19.26.16:620][483]LogStreaming:Warning: Export 0 (outer 28) /Game/Environment/Player_built/blueprints/BP_wheel_of_pain_small.BP_wheel_of_pain_small_C:rotation_speed (class FloatProperty)
[2021.04.23-19.26.16:620][483]LogStreaming:Warning: Export 1 (outer 28) /Game/Environment/Player_built/blueprints/BP_wheel_of_pain_small.BP_wheel_of_pain_small_C:Timeline_1 (class ObjectProperty)
[2021.04.23-19.26.16:620][483]LogStreaming:Warning: Export 2 (outer 28) /Game/Environment/Player_built/blueprints/BP_wheel_of_pain_small.BP_wheel_of_pain_small_C:Timeline_1__Direction_8C925AAF4A43D831131714A27BE3C79C (class ByteProperty)
[2021.04.23-19.26.16:620][483]LogStreaming:Warning: Export 3 (outer 28) /Game/Environment/Player_built/blueprints/BP_wheel_of_pain_small.BP_wheel_of_pain_small_C:Timeline_1_NewTrack_0_8C925AAF4A43D831131714A27BE3C79C (class FloatProperty)
[2021.04.23-19.26.16:620][483]LogStreaming:Warning: Export 4 (outer 11) /Game/Environment/Player_built/blueprints/BP_wheel_of_pain_small.BP_wheel_of_pain_small_C:ExecuteUbergraph_BP_wheel_of_pain_small.CallFunc_K2_SetRelativeRotation_SweepHitResult2 (class StructProperty)
[2021.04.23-19.26.16:620][483]LogStreaming:Warning: Export 5 (outer 11) /Game/Environment/Player_built/blueprints/BP_wheel_of_pain_small.BP_wheel_of_pain_small_C:ExecuteUbergraph_BP_wheel_of_pain_small.CallFunc_K2_SetRelativeRotation_SweepHitResult (class StructProperty)
[2021.04.23-19.26.16:620][483]LogStreaming:Warning: Export 6 (outer 11) /Game/Environment/Player_built/blueprints/BP_wheel_of_pain_small.BP_wheel_of_pain_small_C:ExecuteUbergraph_BP_wheel_of_pain_small.K2Node_Event_DeltaSeconds (class FloatProperty)
[2021.04.23-19.26.16:620][483]LogStreaming:Warning: Export 7 (outer 11) /Game/Environment/Player_built/blueprints/BP_wheel_of_pain_small.BP_wheel_of_pain_small_C:ExecuteUbergraph_BP_wheel_of_pain_small.CallFunc_Multiply_RotatorFloat_ReturnValue (class StructProperty)
[2021.04.23-19.26.16:620][483]LogStreaming:Warning: Export 8 (outer 11) /Game/Environment/Player_built/blueprints/BP_wheel_of_pain_small.BP_wheel_of_pain_small_C:ExecuteUbergraph_BP_wheel_of_pain_small.CallFunc_MakeRotator_ReturnValue2 (class StructProperty)

And there are lot of these. Not spaming them all here.

I hold of course the log to disposition of the dev-team, just ask for the link.

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