Error PAK file corrupted

While I am playing after a short time I get the error that the “PAK file” are corrupt and I have to do the repair through steam, I do it but shortly after while I am playing it comes out again, for months it goes on like this, I have also completely uninstalled the game but nothing keeps coming out this error

I have the same problem
Sometimes i can tab back to the game with the error running in the back

Hello there exiles and welcome to our forums @Dogxy!

Thank you for reporting this situation.

Regarding this, would you by any chance be making use of mods? If so, could you kindly remove any mods and test again?

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I also do this but after a while I get a second error always PAK file and the game starts to go jerkily

I have never used mods on the game, I have tried uninstalling many times and deleting all game saves but the error keeps coming out, sometimes very frequently

I know but nothing helps (reinstall, verify gamefiles)
I looked for solutions but haven’t found one yet.
Im also not using mods

I have the same problem.
It happens when I use the Torch. I get the error message but can keep playing the game if I dont close the message, if I close it, the game close too.

This happens to me, and just about everyone I know that plays this game. Mods or no mods. It has been like this for MONTHS (maybe even more than a year). It does not seem to matter what mods are there, what map you are on, location, whatever, does not seem to make nay difference. there is no way of knowing which of these pak files are bad. I play more than a few different games and this is the only game giving me the blues. I would say it is like playing early access game again, but this feels worse. please pull some resources and fix it now.

Constantly verifying/re-installying the game should not be part of everyday gameplay.

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