ESAV - Character Mod

Ok, first, thanks to all users, specially the Discord Vips.
As dedicated server runners asked for a mod that works with dedicated servers, I took the time to fully build and test the RPC enabled mod that will work in a multiplayer environment.
As most of my mod users were solo players, I never really made the mod to work well in a dedicated server environment. It takes some work and gets a lot of things to delay a bit if they are to be coordinated for multiplayer environment.
As a patron request, I made a version of the mod that works in Dedicated Servers, and I have tested it in 3 player simulation to ensure that things work and can be seen working by everyone in visual range.

For the explorers at heart, the mod functionality is somewhat straight forward. It is made by making the appropriate mold for the casing and then the casing using the casting table. With that casing, you go to a Alchemist Cauldron of your preference and make the flesh coalescent that gives the gem its magic, using corrupted bones and human flesh. Once it you made enough of those, it is just craft the Custom Mirror Gem in the Cauldron.

As for the use, playing around might give some insight, but for those more inclined to use a guide, there is the following video:

Conan Exiles Screenshot 2022.05.18 -


Whats that armor skirt from the second pic?

If you refering to the one with the Roman Style Helmet and chest, it is one modded in the Housing and Hospitality mod:

The new customization mod will be around for servers and will eventually be for all.
I edited the topic for better info.

ESAV Server is online again.
To test the mods and generally hang out in an easy going server, seek out my server in the list.
While it is defined to use only ESAV Mods, it is possible to play there without using any feature from them.
The general setup of the server will be determined in time population starts.
Join the Discord if you are interested, and feedback will direct how the setup of the server goes.

The website for support on mods and server:

If you dont want to use the discord server for that.

The new UI for the Mod.

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As I am reading myself to move from Thailand, I am in a kind of vacation from work, and also from modding, as my gear is shipped to my destination already so the ship arrives there when my plane does, almost…

For now I am spending some quality time on the Exiled Lands …

Smiles and corrections in skin tone and body metrics is from my mod.

Additional hairs, faces and eye colors are from:

One marginal use you can make of the Mojo is to place thralls in places they would not actually be placed. Actually, show them placed because they are not actually place there.

In order to do that, use the “full body” option on the bone editing, and change the translation to make them move in a direction (forwards, backwards, sides, up and down), and get their placement closer to walls, objects or other thrall, or even your character.

While I still not fully installed in my new base, the minimal functionality of the mods are kept in check.
For more info on what is ahead, please join the discord server. Link is in the YouTube channel all around, most prominently, in the banner of the home page.

Not that my things have arrived in Uruguay, my current home, yet, but I am back to development. I am currently in Brazil and here I can use gear from friends to work things out and do minimal quality work on the mods.
I have also changed the discord server, as I am also developing a discord bot to follow up on the “Thrall Speak feature”. The Discord bot will bear the same functionality the Thrall Speak mod uses, and work as a test and showcase of it.
The new server can be joined in:

I will be working on the trade functionality too when the bone feature is back on track.
For now I will be testing use, but overall, it is functional.

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In Early stages of development is the “mod-on-mod” support for the Speak Feature.
The first step will be to have anyone able to create a child object from the master papyrus in a mod, and through it create an as simple or as dynamic content for the speak feature their will and skill can muster.

The simple rule is the Description of the Object relates it to the spawn name of the NPC or simple “Main Player” for the player. The written text then nests the script code for the feature.

Through a simple | separated row and ¦ separated column table format, the script can be made, using simple text or expansive markup language.

For now the system is done but I still have to create content and go around expanding the script language. Soon there will be news in YouTube and Steam for developments on this feature. However this is an earlier introduced feature that laid dormant in the mods for some time now.

For now another mod can only add text and script to the chat feature. Later on I will implement more options so people can “mod my mod”.

This line was fed by another mod to my mod to use in the dialogue feature.

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I will be removing the leveling rework from the mod to add to another mod.

The aim of this mod is to remove the different leveling perks, as it is designed to allow for the several feats and other resources added by the mod, but some people have been asking to make it optional, so I make it optional. If the expenditure of feats and attr points can be done without it, be my guest then.

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Some changes were in order.

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Development on the dialogue feature is taking another turn.

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I have changed the works on the speak feature as to reflect other developments, once the aspect of editing did not had the engagement expected.

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Going through the recipes, adding and updating the arsenal and the materials for the new update.

Had to change some stuff post sorcery update, so I decided to change everything to added materials instead of using ingame ones.

Plus some fine tuning for the smoothness feature for bone editing.

This slider tells how much to smooth towards default.

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Ok. Back home, my equipment finally arrived, and …
Who would’ve thunk ? Everything is working and nothing is broken !

I got code back for the old mods and the means to bake it, so back to the 6 mods I had initially and work will be done to have them updated to 2023.

Now there will be some updates to the format of the mods. There have been years since the Law and Order and Tradebox mods have actually seem updates. Housing and Hospitality is still the same from the start, just got some updated blueprints to match latest updates, just like the aforementioned two.

Bushcraft and Next Level were once standalone mods, they were incorporated to form one mod so I would be able to work on them, and now they are back to their own standing.

For info on development and stuff, join the discord:

ESAV Gaming

Next roadmap marker is to get back working this one:

Another cycle is done today, Later on I will be publishing the latest stable versions of the mods.

I have divided the features of the mods once again, because I am not fully installed in my new home in Southamerica, so I can work properly with proper equipment, again.

There will be 9 mods, 2 of them I am still working on features stand alone, so I will keep them in the main mods for now. These two are works I am doing on the background, so they are not exactly public in the mods they are right now, but they will when I untangle their code from the mods they are in.

The bone new editing bars will be for the next cycle, but I have set up some updates on the UI to work a little better. There will be some bugs I already know, and others I might not have caught, but discord is there for that: Estevan Valladares

On discord I am also updating about development daily, and as I have much more free time now, I am often online working or playing, and on discord.

I might be more often updating the twitter too:

And sometimes I might stream on Twitch: Twitch

However the place I can be found the most is the discord.

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Server is open and running again. More info on discord.