ESAV - Character Mod

Discord was updated to be a little bit more informative.
However still there will be more videos on YouTube when I finalize some work and have the time to actually stream using the mods rather than working on them.

ESAV Gaming

I be streaming in no particular schedule me testing and using the mods.

You might catch the stream live on my YouTube Channel:

It would really help to reach that 1k subscribers mark. All help it appreciated.

At this moment I am on

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We are sort of grounded from Steam Workshop until Feb 7th, so I took the time to work a little bit on face editing of the mod.

I guess I could make some tools to get some uniqueness out of the standard face set:



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I have added links to the personal character mod in Nexus Mods and Google Drive so Steam Workshop is not the only option. It was requested by two users, but if it has good engagement, I will upload the other mods there too.

My mods are now being uploaded by schedule.
When I have a stable prototype it will go to my game locally, and I will upload to the other downloads links in Google Drive and Nexus Mods as a pack. Links in the Discord.
When they are fully tested and I am starting a new development, they go to Steam Workshop.

WhatsApp Image 2023-01-26 at 09.11.27

Updated the ESAV Server to work with the latest stable versions of the mods one can find in Google and Nexus mods.

Had a link made to discord server where more info can be found:

And the Google Drive now has all the versions of the mods.