ESAV Gaming Server - PvE Community Building Server

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Primarily to host my mods, this server is open for those wanting to test the mods, see some built resources with them. Everyone is welcome to stay and play there as long as the rules are respected.

Mostly it is a community building server when it comes to rules, so as long as you are not bothering anyone, the approach is to let things play out. While the rules are not enforced by mods, it is a matter of “instaban” if obnoxious constructions are found. For the most part, if you just go about playing the game as it is, and dont try to spoil the fun of anyone else, Admins wont spoil yours.

Server was loaded with the old DB from the test server I had till last year. The roads, tunnels and outposts are built but Thralls (NPCs from Mods) and other deprecated stuff are removed. I will be populating the server with Modded Thralls in time.

In this server the map is a little different than usual, so the roads, tunnels and outposts are built with markers and cardinal directions.