ESAV Gaming Server - PvE Mod Showcase and Relaxed 4x gameplay - US based

ESAV Gaming on the server Browser.

Join Discord for more info.

Primarily to host my mods, this server is open for those wanting to test the mods, see some built resources with them. Everyone is welcome to stay and play there as long as the rules are respected.

Mostly it is a community building server when it comes to rules, so as long as you are not bothering anyone, the approach is to let things play out. While the rules are not enforced by mods, it is a matter of “instaban” if obnoxious constructions are found. For the most part, if you just go about playing the game as it is, and dont try to spoil the fun of anyone else, Admins wont spoil yours.

The setup is to be easy for combat and general living. The server is set in a way dying is mostly from survival aspects or suicide (fall damage, poisoning, afk, etc) than combat challenges.

The resources are scarce to slow down use, and soon there will be resources in the server to enjoy. Anything amiss, just drop a line on discord.

Mod stack:

My mods: Steam Community :: Estevan Valladares :: Workshop Items

Plus: Steam Workshop::Akuba's Salon


Hi there, I’d be interested in joining but the Discord link expired - would that be down to the server no longer being available or perhaps you have moved onto another game?

Respect the mod creators


I need to update the links I guess. However every mod has a link to the discord server that is up to date.

Server is back online, but still in testing configurations as of now.

It is mostly to test my mods and community. The discord link is fixed, and the mods are back on track. Anything, we can discuss there.

Server is set up again. I fooled around with hosting, but guess what ? No matter how the specs and other stuff offered might feel, GPortal is still the less stressful of them all.

For more info, drop by the discord. It is now fixed, I may add yet again.

Next week I am going to start using the latest stable versions of mods in the server rather than the Steam version. Check discord for more info.

Had some updates done to the server, more info at this thread:

The last updated I added the building restriction. And the tenant lock component.
So now there will be an updated version of the database featuring shelters and places players can use in the server, while it wont be freely buildable unless a player receives the building permit.

On the other hand, those who can build are allowed to build anywhere.