Esoteric Artifacts - Storage & Preservation

I’d like to see some more storage options added.


A Preservation Box option with 100 slots.
The Improved Preservation Box doesn’t hold enough to not require you to have an astronomical amount of them. Having a slightly larger variation that holds up to 100 slots would make a significant difference in utilitarian storage.


A Mini Vault with 100-150 slots. At the end stages of the game having a Vault requires you to have a massive space to place one in, not even considering if you need multiples of them. Scaling the size down and the storage, will allow players who have smaller areas or just don’t want to use such a massive placeable to have a reasonable sized storage option.

Would you use either of these options?

  • Yes, I play PVP
  • No, I play PVP
  • Yes, I play PVE/PVE-C
  • No, I play PVE/PVE-C
  • Yes, I play Solo
  • No, I play Solo

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Not to mention that the dang things are too tall for you to add a ceiling above them so that you can stack 2 high in a normal room (like I do most other things). Why are they so tall?


And here I was thinking that I simply have too much food because I can’t get it all to fit in my eight Improved fridges. I guess I’m not alone with this problem after all.


Well…looks like were in agreement here again Zeb. I know isnt it horrible. :laughing: :wink: While I personally do not need a larger Preservation Box (I still have space in one of the two in my kitchen), I realise that there are others out there who do. Clans especially need a lot more storage than I personally do. Supported.

Now regarding a Smaller/Mini Vault (Safe?), oh my yes please!! I have requested this one multiple times since I first came to the forum, and it was in my first suggestions list. Ideally something with more storahe space than a Large Chest, but less than a Vault. But DEFINATELY smaller. As you correctly pointed out, the existing Vault is such a monstrosity. I had to build a third floor on my base just to house the blighter! And I just cant bring myselg to build it outside as I view it as an unnatural state of being, like a parking garage on ones roof or a swimming pool on the floor of the ocean. ‘Safes’ belong indoors, NOT in the middle of ones front yard. Why that virtually says to unscrupulous characters ‘here I am, Im full of valuables, look how wealthy my owner is, why no one would ever steal from me would they?’ Anyway Im rambling now. Something say 1×1 wide and high. Virtually the size of a foundation piece or thereabouts would be amazing. Definately supported.


Having tabs/pages in the normal vault would also help.


I have 12 fridges for the special fishes alone at my volcano base…

Surprisingly I got most of such fishes from a big well at the volcano.

Also, I still want to be able to store stuff in all the barrel and jug-shaped decorations we keep getting in DLCs. We’ve got wine racks, urns, jugs, kegs, veritable walls of barrels, even tavern bars made out of barrels, yet all they can do is take up space and look pretty. I want to put stuff in them!


This is a screen of my test build, but they really are that way on Official. Just more aligned. No I don’t wanna talk about how many Vaults I destroyed trying to get them in on Official. :joy::sob:

I think it’s getting a little out of hand…these aren’t even all of them. :sob:

& the Improved Preservation Box’s…I cannot even. :joy:


IMO, the aspect of vaults that truly adds insult to injury is how little storage they offer in exchange for the absurd amount of space they take up — 300 slots is only what, 6 large chests? Heck, it’s possible to fit 6 large chests on a single foundation under the floorboards and take up no space whatsoever.

So yeah, definitely need a more reasonable solution for those who need their storage to have more than 25K hp.


I was surprised to see how damn huge a vault is… And yeah, you would need 6.7 chests to have 1 vault storage.


Put the ashes in the ash urn. :joy:




“Sorry Grandma, but I need moar white dye for my thralls’ uniforms!”


Only half.

Help. :joy:


I guess this is where I have to confess that I haven’t even started fishing the special fishes yet…

They are really good… Gives +3 to different stats (vit, grit, str, acc). Holds for 45mins I think.

PS.: You get also a big dong, if you have a male char :smiley:

“Is that a fish in your pocket, or are you just glad to see me?”


Yes :smiley: :smiley:

The fabled trouser trout… gives an all new spin on the venerable mIRC slap emote.

Larathiel slaps @jot29 around a bit with a large trout



This.^^ I would also like to be able to store items in Barrels and my suggested Chest of Drawers. Some cosmetically different storage options please. Skyrim did this sooo well, allowing us to store goods in most furniture items, be they chests, cupboards, chests of drawers, barrels, nightstands, even sacks and satchels. Im holding out hope that we can adopt a similar approach to storage diversity in Conan Exiles.


We should be able to make a rucksack out of plant fiber.

Why don’t we have storage in between box / chest / vault?

We can use crates but not barrels.

We have a rugged cupboard but no other standing storage. I want a bookshelf, an armoire, apothecary cabinet, trunk and more shelf options.