Eternia Kingdom (18+RP) No Gods

Server name: Eternia Kingdom (18+RP) No Gods

The idea behind this server is to have an immersive experience with a taste of realism. To do so, there will be a few SIMPLE rules to follow. To make the experience exciting we will leave the pvp on at all times. That means anything can happen good or bad, but thats the realistic side of the experience. All settings will mostly be on normal except the gathering that would be increased for more building options

What type of player we are looking for? Players that don’t mind a light RP, players that wants to build a kingdom from scratch, players that are not blood thirsty but also don’t mind a good fight, players that want to trade. People that want to be part something and be creative.

Light RP expectation: People usually are scared of RP servers because they think its too complicated. This is what the server expects : There is no need for a back ground story, you are a Exiles and you survive. General chat will be for OOC conversation. In game voice and local chat for interaction.

We have many story events, Arena friendly PVP and frequent quest events that give rewards!

– We have an economy system in place, using the pippi mod, allowing players to buy kits with
extra Features.
– The fashionist mod: so you can look just like you want without losing the stats of your best gear.
– Emberlight : For players who want a richer and more immersive experience.
– Pick up+ : because we wasted too many stations wanting to place them in the perfect angle.
– Immerce rp : this mod adds a well done crafting system for visual items to make the world look better.
_ Conan Sexiles : Because some of us have needs.

Mods in this order:
Pippi - User & Server Management
Fashionist (1.0 compatible)
IMMERSE RP Building Decor
WARRIOR Mutator for Conan Exiles
Conan Sexiles

To conclude, the Server is here to stay, come live a thrilling life with us and try not to die!

Server resets every morning at 5AM EST.

If you would like any other info please contact Bennor#5257 or Chiara#3047 on Discord
Discord Channel :

Server IP: (Query Port: 29415)
US server
This server currently has 40 slots.

This is a difficult server. It is PVP 24/7. The vibe is that anything can happen, good or bad. Warning: Purges up North are not for solo players. Players with the intentions of heavy roleplaying, keep in mind that this is a light RP server. Also, if you are coming here with the intentions of using the Sexiles Mod and have no intentions of actual game play, then move along. This server is not for you.


What are your rules in abandoned buildings? To many times I see rp/pve servers with countless homes in the starting area.

It’s left for whoever wants to raid it and if no one does, well then we set up something to have it done if it’s worth raiding. If it’s not worth it, we destroy it. We don’t keep buildings that are abandoned on the server. :slight_smile: