EU - AlterEgo 01/2020 (PvP/PvE-C)

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We welcome new players to our freshly wiped server. Hosted in Denmark, open to EU. We are a relaxed, and primarily mature community.

Hoping to see like minded players, who play to have a good time.

Visit our Discord for rules.

As we had a slow start, there still plenty of good places to build.

    * Server name: [EU] - AlterEgo 2xXP 5xH 01/2020 [PvP] [PvE-C]
    * Direct Connect:
    * Discord:

-> Server settings:
* 24/7 PvP
* Raid Hours: Saturday and Sunday 10:00-23:00
* Max clan size=6
* Max 2 followers pr clan/soloplayer
* Harvest x5
* XP x2
* Avatars and Purge are disabled
* Landclaim notifications are disabled
* Log visibility=admin only
* Building decay is enabled

-> Server MODS:
* Pippi: (
* Improved QoL: (
* Fashionist: (
* Pickup+: (
* DyeMoreBetterer: (
* Swift Elevators: (

-> Offline raiding is strictly forbidden. If defender logs out during a raid, you are free to continue raiding.

*** Admin will not interfere with ingame or personal conflicts, but will uphold the rules. The Alter|Ego team will play on the server equally with every other players, and should be treated as such. The only character with ingame admin powers will be our admin account, named “Admin” ingame. No Alter|Ego team member character will ever have ingame admin powers! You can check in the chat window with “/list admins” to see who has admin powers.

-> You may only build one (1) base. However, temporary raid-bases and fishhouses are legal.

-> You may choose to be PvE-C player (no building damage). Choosing PvE-C is permanent until next wipe. Reach out to an admin, as soon as you start. Admin will mark your base with special flags, to let everybody know you are a PvE-C player. Your Clan name will also be listed on our discord channel #pve-c_players.

-> Please change your Discord nickname, to match your ingame name.

-> Destroying admin buildings like the Arena, Map-Rooms etc. are strictly forbidden.

-> Blocking resources, NPCs, recipes or any other kind of POI are strictly prohibited. As is landclaming.

-> The use of bugs, exploits or any other kind of unintended behavior are strictly forbidden, it will result in instant permanent ban!

-> Griefing, spamming, hatred, discrimination, harassment, advertising or any kind of offensive behavior, are strictly forbidden. Use your common sense, and mind your language.