[EU] Bonfire PVP [2.5xRates/NoGods/ActiveAdmins] NEW- Server

Bonfire Conan Exile PvP Server!

Hello everyone,

We are the Hosts of the new BONFIRE PvP [2,5xRates/NoGods/ActiveAdmins] Server,
and we want to give you Player and ourself a new home, in the Univers of Conan Exile.
The Server is very Fresh and is rented for Several Month from now on.
If you think about to start a new journey or coming back to Conan Exile, we want to give you a solid Home.

That in Mind, WE DO NOT INTEND TO WIPE THE SEVER at ANYTIME, but we keep the map clean from abandoned Bases.
So if you are in for the long run, you are very welcomed here.

Long story short, here are the Server settings:

Lokated in the EU (Frankfurt, Germany)

  • PvP
  • 64 Slots
  • 2,5x Rates (includes active Exp Rates)
  • no Gods
    (we dont like to have Bases of Clans destroyed in a whole,
    so your hard Work, should always be Honored in some kind)
  • Purge only in Primetime (EU)
  • Longer Daytime shorter Nighttime (like 16 Minutes a Day / 5 Minutes Night)
  • Region Locked, so Basicly its a EU- Server and we like to keep it so.

Some Basic Rules!

  • Active Admins (not a rule, but a reality)
  • No Cheating (this will result in a perma- ban)
  • No Blocking of Caves and Dungeons.

So if the Server- Settings and Basic Rules match you Playstyle, you are Welcome to play RIGHT NOW on the Server,
with us or against us.

(just for info the Admins will not, under any circumstances, abuse the Power that comes with the Admin- Panel.
It is only to Help- Players, or if the case comes up, ban Players for misbehavior.)

if you got Questions, write them down here.

see U in the Game

I want to push my Post a bit, we got Several Slots free, the first day was great with 25 uniqe Players are playing here. So if you unsure, give it a chance.

Been playing on this server since release and am very happy about my choice. Very friendly player base within a few days the server was hitting 50+ players, no administration abuse and even the bigger clans prefer to stop and have a chat or a dance with you rather than murder you for 5 rocks.

Definitely worth a try feel free to hit me up in game for any help names Karl. Cheers