[EU] Casual Clans - RP-PvP-Light-

Server type - PvP (No base destruction) 30 slots
Server address:
Server name: [EU] Casual Clans - RP-PvP-Light-
Community: Roleplaying
Discord: discord.gg/qEHFVUD-

Are you looking for a relaxed server with RP-elements? Then maybe my server can be something you’ll enjoy!
Roleplaying is good fun, but we don’t demand that you to roleplay on the server. Same with PvP. As the server name suggest, it’s a casual server, with a lot of flexibility. We hope to attract casual and friendly players that from time to time like to partake in some roleplaying and pvp when warrented.

Settings are slightly boosted from vanilla when it comes to XP and Resources. Gathering is x3, XP for kills is x5, gathering x3 and crafting x2. What we don’t enmjoy are watching bars move, so crafting speed and thrall conversion is on x0.2.

Server has been up and running for about 3 weeks under a different name (Social PvP-light ALL x5) but we felt for proper release, all x5 will be too fast. Name change will happen with server wipe when launch patch hits us :slight_smile:

Hope to see you around :slight_smile: