EU Cimmerian Treasure *Custom NPC *Custom Quest's *Arena's

31/12/2018 We’re starting new fresh server. The server is about having fun, accelerated gaining experience as well as gathering will help in getting the level up faster. The beasts and Thralls from the camps got a bigger attack DMG so that the game was not too easy. On the server we have a pippi mod which allows us to add new quests, npc, and much more. At this moment, we created:
-Relict Hunter’s fraction
-Khitan fraction
-Aquilonian fraction
You can belong only to one fraction. After completing the task or after lvl 40 the faction leader will ask if you want to join. Every 7 days you can reset the range by talking to the old traveler and try other fractions. At the moment ther is 2 Arena, Aquilonian Arena and Khitan Arena. Every 7 days you can use the arena to win gold coins. The entrance to the arena costs 10 Bronze coin. By completing missions from npc you earn a silver coin’s, use them to trade with npc. Every 24 hours you get 10 bronze coins.
Can you get the Glory of Gods? Show your religious obedience and destroy your opponents.

Server info:

  • exp x1
  • kill exp x2
  • harvest exp x2
  • craft exp x2
  • harvest x2
  • monster dmg x1,5
  • targetlock off
  • avatars off
  • PVE-conflict ATM
  • Discord:
  • Server Ip:
  • Pippi Mod needed!


Map with selected new Camps

several screenshots

Khitan Base

Khitan Arena

Pet Trader

Aquilonian Base