[EU/ENG] Greed and Steel RP Server 70 SLOT |Whitelisted| RP-PVE-PVP

Greed and Steel RP is a Whitelisted Voice/Text RolePlay Server That is back to explore the Isle of Siptah .
We wiped our old server and discord a while ago and opening back up.
We are looking for serious people/friends , LRP rules aply .

So if you like to play without any worries and give it a bit of a story then join us.

What we offer is a 70 player slots server , lots of freedom focused on LRP
Max Clan size is 15. light RP.
A fresh world and whitelisted to keep quality gameplay.
Ofcourse Values like “Harvesting-XP-Crafting-Durability-ETC” is increased.

Server runs several mods .and runs like a charm.

  • Fashionist
  • Emberlight
  • Glass Building
  • Pickup
    -Less restrictions (building and placement)
  • And others all are just to improve building, Immersion and RP.

So join our discord : http://discord.gg/dQvscnC for rules apply and questions .

Greets and hope to see you soon on the island !

Server :