[EU] Exiled Monarchs : Community & Building Server, Boosted XP and Harvest Rates

Exiled Monarchs exists to provide a friendly community and building focused server, with prior experience in Ark and 7 Days to Die in creating city/community servers we are excited to venture into the exiled lands and build a community of builders,crafters hunter,actors, warriors, and priests.

The Server is PvE Focused with Arena based PVP events, rotating with PvE based Arena Events.

Special events offer fantastic prizes from Rare craft mats to epic and legendary armor and weapons

Building Galore!

Boosted harvest, craft, and XP rates, combined with over 300 levels to unlock give you plenty of room to stretch your imagination, want to build Winterfell? Minas Tirth? Go ahead! we can't wait to see what our creative builders bring forth from their imagination.

Extra Content and Features

We use several popular and well tested mods to enhance the server, from cosmetic outfits to quality of life changes, the mods have been thoroughly tested by our admins to ensure they work well and only increase the game play experience.

Want to take a few shortcuts? we have a fully working and ever expanding warp network, /warp to locations far from home and then /home again! points of interest both developer and player created will eventually all be mapped into the warp system.

Need a help getting started? we have starter kits of basic gear to get you off to a flying start!


Your hard earned progress wont be lost, the server will remain paid for as long as we have players, the server will also be expanded as we grow to allow more to join our server family.

Mod List


Mod Order

Activate the mods in your Conan Exiles Mod menu in this order.
  1. Pippi - User and Server Management
  2. Fashionist
  3. Kerozard's Paragon Leveling
  4. Class Mod
  5. Banners to the Gods
  6. LitMan Item Stack & Container Size
  7. LitMan Thrall Placing Distance
  8. Drag Thralls in Water
  9. Wood Chips
  10. Age of Barbarians

Server Name and IP

IP for Direct Connect:

Have Questions? Feel free to add the server admin


Server Name: Exiled Monarchs

Server Format: PC

Server Location: London , With playable/good ping to both Mainland Europe and East/Central USA.



Server hosted by Gportal, the Official Partner of Funcom for Private Servers

Important Notes: The Server Restarts every 12 hours to keep the server optimized and to update mods, the current restart times are noon and midnight BST, restarts last about 2-3 minutes.