EU/FRPvP] Join THURIA, PvP Server Official Server settings - Play and win Steam Gift Cards :)

A EU PvP Server with the EXACT Official Server settings. No you don’t get it. The EXACT settings line by line, option by option. We copied every single setting from the Official Server. In fact we even tweeked the server system files so they are exactly the same !

Welcome to THURIA !


What is THURIA ?
THURIA is a public PvP Server that aims to replicate the exact Official Server settings for PvP Players that want to compete with the “official” stamp on them. Again, we copied everything line by line.

What region is your server for For EU players. Max authorised ping is 140. Like official servers :slight_smile:

Are there really no differences ?
Well frankly, I see none. Worried about server duration ? We have already paid in advance enough time that could support you to play thousannds of hours on. Worried about stability, crash ? Well we use g-portal as our provider which is the exact same provider as the Official Servers. In fact, the difference I would say is you can directly contact our admins in case of a problem unlike with Funcom where you have to submit silly thickets our leave tweets or forum posts :stuck_out_tongue:. Also as Admin we are here only for technical support. We do not meddle with in game moderation so it will be like an official server on that part.

But isn’t your server like empty ?
Nope, we are already around 10 connected every night although we started the server on the week end of 13/05. It’s a great moment to join with your clan !

I’d like to come but i’m worried to start at level 1 when everyone has already tier 3 forteresses…
Not to worry, the server is brand NEW from this week end. Now is the perfect time to join. Hurry however we have some very active players that are already level 20 !

Ok I’m hooked. How do I join ?
The best way is to add the IP to Steamfavourites : Steam -> View -> Servers You can also type Thuria in the search but be patient ! The number of server is huge and it needs to scan through it.

I have additionnal questions/I want to speak to the admins
Please send a message on our discord and we will be happy to respond :slight_smile:

Update - Play and Win Steam Gift Cards

  • First to reach level max on the server = 30 euros STEAM gift card !

  • First to reach 150 hours of game time on serveur = 20euros STEAM gift card !

  • Reach 100 hours of game time on serveur = 10 euros STEAM gift card

  • Reach 50 hours of game time on serveur = 5 euros STEAM gift card !

Check our discord for more info :

Keep your thread titles relevant please.

Haha thank you for the edit :slight_smile:

Update ! Check out our new server contest :wink: play now and win nice neat Steam Gift cards :wink:

Good stable Server with a good connection/low ping, no lag in combat :smiley: .
Verry friendly admins who also play on this server and they don’t abuse there powers as admin .
The community is growing slowly, most good base spots are still open, but we as the community are looking for more. Feel free to tryout this server and may we see us ingame.
Thanks admins for the good work keeping this server better than the others.:ok_hand:

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Thanks for your kind words :). Now is still a good time to join ! 15 active every night, still group for big clans !