EU Official PvP 1111 - Stuck on Loading Screen

It’s a simple build (see up) who crashed all the servers.

Lol it’s the 3th guys who came on the 1111 to crash the server, it’s a real plague.

there’s 3 already?
where is the 3’rd one?
pay attention-2 unknown guys with same steam nick
If they build more of those, server will become permanently unreachable, although it will not be down

I mean there is a structure from DUKE NUKEM guy, the second one was from Who cares but have been decayed earlier, and the new player is W123 and he is making the server crash. A guy called BYE SERVER with D steam ID did a structure too.

The world is full of sick people. On our server these three are doing the same. Whenever we log in they crash the server.

They are on our server in shifts all day long only to prevent us from playing there. How pathetic is this?

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same is happening in 1019 server with the same idiots, Tail, Al Cannib, Hieoo, and another chinise account

Al cannib is also on our server… so he is the problem

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The problem is Al cannib, Tail, Hieo, Meme_Sweet and other kids, who spend them time for crash the servers. We wiped them many times from our server (1019), they used all of the glitches what they knows like attack glith, build undermash, dupe itmes etc… so they tried everything against us…
We wiped them out with more than 10 gods, when the gods was available… and now! They come back yesterday, and made a lot of structure what is killing the server all time when they going close to it.
They usually use countdown or they just do the crash immediately when we logging in, They are blocking for nothing, because only we are left on the server who play here more than 1 year ago.
My question is, whats happening if we are start doing same ? 10 people can crash 5 server in every hour… until all of the official pvp servers are living in crash? I think we need only a couple of days and gportal going out of the workable servers.
Why you (funcom) can’t bann them ? The peoples going to lost them fate in the game, and nobody will buy the DLS’s anymore… we supplied you Funcom many many times, we reported bugs, players, cheaters, glitchers.
We like the fair play, but this is not at the moment. They are just kids, and they never have enough courage for stand up against us, they can do only crash, nothing more… this is a poor/sick peoples weapon, and I really sorrow them :frowning:

They crashed a lot of server like 1111,1019,1200 etc… and who knows how many more?

This is really nice from them, we have time for go the beach with our family :smiley:

We like to play with this game, and we stand up behind it all time. 2 weeks ago we had a huge help from the dev’s, because our server crashed when we went close to our wall what we built. We removed it somehow, and the crashes gone, but the devs checked it for us and tried help with advices and we are really appreciate it!! We want ask HELP from them again against these peoples who can’t stop with the first server crash…

Thank You!

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For server issues please use this form. (Source) If you found an exploit please use this form. form. (Source) If you have problems with griefing and harassment, you will find here the latest information from Funcom.

If you need more assistance please use the e-mail ticket system or write a DM to one of the Community team.

Alright. So. Where to start.

First, we would like to remind each and one of you that sharing screenshots of private conversations is a breach of privacy we do not take lightly, and it usually leads to a permanent termination of an account. Particularly when taken out of context.
Secondly, witch-hunting, name-shaming, accusing… it’s all against our community guidelines. Please read them, as at this point you should all be aware of them:

Sharing how to reproduce an exploit in our forums, also a big no-no. Use Exploit Hunters instead.

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I already used the exploit tool Ignasis. No response?

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I have made several posts in your support tool and im not getting any responds. I mean what do you want us to do? Just sitt around? we have had crashing problems on the 1111 official server for weeks now and nothing is improving. Weeks with several disconekts every day… The server has no aktivity anymore. Hours of grind ruined by fence foundation… How unreal is that.

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I contact you following the ban undergone today on the servers 1019, 1124, 1111 (may be elsewhere also?) Following the complaint of some players of the 1019 such as "fockingmachine, G0J0, Deen, sly, D and maybe other players of this clan.
I want to inform you that these are players who in a certain way, refuse the defeat, and make us pay constantly in the game that we try to play on the 1019.
Cloison obelisks, wipe the first day of connection (no matter where we are trying to build), duplication, use of drawbridge to wait for the undermesh, and lastly, crash server on our new server, the 1111 (For 6 days), I’m not talking about the uses of glitch 4th shot and bleeding they used against us.
Deen also used the glitch of the undermesh several times to loot our bases. I provide you some video to prove that neither me, nor alcannib, nor sweet-meme, use glitch to deconnect the server, as well as a video showing it. We could also see that some used a 2nd account to do it. Cordially.

Conan Exiles official server #1111 hacked by Legion (unikorn) from 1019

You can see w123 of the “unikorn” clan breaking the server, as well as G0J0 via its name steam K3N0SS0N of the same clan. which proves that it comes from them.

I also want to point out that you ban on no evidence, just on the complaints of a clan, 3 players, including a player who calls herself “sweet-meme” who has never created a character on the 1124, and does not connects more on the 1019. We have trouble believing … This is totally unfair.
So I ask you to take the same penalty about its players who uses the same methods, as we will strive to make a bad publicity of this game on youtube, and denounce the bias of moderators with some players


Here is Osi, alias FockingMachine of the 1019 which narrated me in private message on the forum, here is what funcom obeys and banished the players fussing for their friends of the 1019

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that picture that is with my name is a fake, because in the server my player is a man, not a woman, they put my name with Photoshop

you are behin me idiot :slight_smile:

im not insulting, im telling the true, they change that image with Photoshop, im a man in that game not a woman, and if i was that in the picture why the mane is in the mid of the player and not in the top??? like always…. funcom knows the true…

First of all, I would like to thank Funcom for taking action. The most important, I am that F…machine and since I was named I have the right to react. Accusing us with crashing their server is nonsense, we were the ones who informed them what causes their crashes, the concentrated fence foundations, and that is the conversation on the screenshot. We know it, we had the same problems. I’m astonished how they try to defend themselves and make us look bad, not kknowing that in the background we provided the screenshots of their undermesh bases with their clan name clearly visible, screenshots of other conversations where they admitting the glitching, and the fence foundation structures they built all around our server. We sent the exact time of the incidents, so admins could easily compare it with the server log. They really think everybody is stupid around them.

They are the ones who have been defeated several times, they could not win even with all the glitches, and beleive me, they literally tried everything.

In fact, after they started constantly crashing our server I went to theirs, but if I had done something illegal I would be the banned one, not them.I talked with few guys there,and askd about how is Al Naked Doing there,and few players said,they glitching.Ofc you can check it.

I have been playing Conan Exiles since the beginning and I know Funcom does not ban people easily and without proof. Saying they were banned for nothing is pathetic, also an insult to the admins.

And @Ignasis thank you once more for your efforts and taking care of this issue.

We’re going to proceed to close this thread since many of our community guidelines have been repeatedly broken.
Please take a look at them before interacting in our forums:

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