EU/PC Relaxed PVE server 20 slots

Hello fellow lost souls. If you need a relaxed casual newly started server, where punishment isnt so harsh when you die and always online, you are welcome to join our server. I will only hand out passwords to the exact number the server has room for, so it will never be full to someone who wants to log in. Currently we are 3 people on the server. So there is 17 slots free. Add me on Steam -SPLINT-
Kobenhavn, Denmark and pw will be given. Leave a note here if you cant find me and I will add you. Also inform me if you have friends who wants to join. No Lags - No wipes - We have already worked hard on building and crafting.
If you like to roam the land alone it’s totally fine. No preasure to be social.

3 friendly lost souls will welcome you no matter what

There are quite a few SPLINT named fellas on Steam, can’t seem to find you. I am very interested in joining tho! If you are able to add me instead, my name on Steam is Patif.