EU - PvP server looking for fair players: Derketo`s PvP lovers

PvP - Roleplay Server:

We founded this Server in order to get away from all the cheaters, griefers and glitchers who are around on the official servers.

So anyone who wants to play a fair and funny, but also challenging PvP, is welcome to join. The Server will not be wiped and the decay timer is 15 days all the time, not just in summer. So people can go on holidays without fearing to lose everything. The rest is pretty the same like on normal PvP servers, except, there are no gods, nor bubbles. We think, bubbles and gods are only for 24/7 players, wo have the time to farm all the stuff that is needed and therefore casual players with less time have a big disadvantage. We will help every new Player, with tipps and tricks…there is many to learn in the beginning.

And now comes the best: Even real women are playing on Derketo`s PvP Lovers! Thats a rare thing for Conan Exiles :smiley:

So come to “Derketo`s PvP Lovers” for an awesome Conan Exiles - experience. Just search for “Derketo” and you will find in the server list.

IP and Port:



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Yet a nice community is established :slight_smile:

witam właśnie zaczynam i tworze postać u was

Ktoś przyjmie mnie do klanu?

Ale jak ktoś rajduje innych niszczy bazę to czemu łupem nie mogą paść ich rzeczy ?

Got Discord?

We use Discord