[EU][RP-PVP] Hyborian Society [Pippi, Archery Extended]

I’d like to welcome you all to join our newly set up Conan Exiles server!

We offer you a more casual, sort of soft roleplay experience. This server is for those of you that prefer PVP but also want some element of roleplay - just not that really hardcore roleplay!

It’s setup to be the good old vanilla experience of Conan Exiles but with a few slightly tweaked settings.

• VAC Enabled
• BattlEye Enabled

• All Items Dropped on Death
• Everyone Can Loot Corpses
• Respawn Back in Desert

• PVP Always Enabled
• PVP Raiding Only on Weekends
• Avatars Disabled
• Only Chests Can be Locked (may change in the future)
• Casual/Soft Roleplay
• Max Clan Size - 10 (may increase or decrease in the future)
• Max Ping - 250

• 1.0 Experience Gains
• 2.0 Harvest Gain
• 1.0 Thrall Conversion Rate
• 0.4 Craft Time (40% faster)
• 2.0 Fuel Burn
• 0.5 Idle Thirst Rate
• 0.5 Idle Hunger Rate
• 0.2 Item Spoil Rate

We’re using Pippi to make the overall roleplay experience a lot better. As well to make it easier for us admins to help and setup events. You can also use it to buy for example Bark Kits!


We’re also using Archery Extended to make archery an actually viable thing to do.

Archery Extended

We’re aiming to feature some events sometime during peak hours. One of which will be treasure hunts where we will setup a few clues and it’ll be up to you to decipher those and try and find the hidden treasure claim the rewards! We’ll also try and do some events that will feature avatars, after all they are pretty cool.


I have setup a Discord which you are free to join. If you’ve got an active clan you may request we setup your own role to kind of personalize Discord a bit. We’ll also gladly setup your own private voice and text channel.

As I can’t post links, here you go: discord.gg/9x98Qb2

On our Discord you will also find information on how you can join our server. :hugs:

Edit: I accidentally messed up the permissions for the text channel on how to join. I’ve fixed this, but in case people want to join without using Discord you’re free to do so! Although, we’d love to stay in touch with you on Discord!

IP and Port:


• You shall not cheat or exploit of any kind.
• You shall not be a douche.
• You shall respect the admin’s decisions.
• Racial slur is tolerated so long as it’s not intended to be offensive.
• Usernames can be whatever you fancy, we don’t enforce RP names.
• No metagaming or powergaming (usernames being an exception here).
• KoS is allowed, just try not to be a douche about it and repetitively kill the same group over and over. Players and/or groups that are obviously only in here to kill and not at all roleplay will be permanently banned.
• Stealing from containers you can access via windows is allowed.

• You may NOT build in such a way you obstruct points of interest, NPC’s or item spawns. We reserve the right to absolutely and utterly demolish a base we deem detrimental to the server’s health. Of course, we’ll try and be nice and warn you beforehand or hold onto your items meanwhile - but no guarantees.

There’s still plenty of room available :wink:

Come join us for some weekend fun! :smiley:

We’ve got some fresh faces to our server, still looking for more! :slight_smile: The rates were changed slightly.

[Changed] Harvest Gain Increased to 2.0 Up From 1.5
[Changed] Fuel Burn Time Increased to 2.0 Up From 1.0
[Changed] Item Craft Time Decreased to 0.4 Down From 0.6

Big Update!

We’ve added Pippi to help increase the overall roleplay experience as well as Archery Extended to make bows a bit more potent.

We’re also working on setting up an NPC village where you’ll be able to use some crafting stations and such. It will also act as a safezone.

We decided to add the ability to buy Bark Kits instead of adding a 3rd mod. We’re planning to set up a few more kits for buying - feedback appreciated!