EU servers can't log

Idk what’s happening but a lot of players are not able to see or log on a lot of european servers i only can see 15 servers, what’s going on?

same issue

they just know to put dlcs and make more bugs

Hey there,

Servers seem to be up and running, with players logged in them. Which servers are specifically having issues?


1118 and 1119 officials.

1127 has been down for over an hour now, no one can actually get in

I can see that there is some issue with server 1127, I will try to inform the provider.

1118 and 1119 seem to be up and running correctly, with some players populating them. Are you trying to connect to them via favourites? If so, try searching for them on the search bar.



runs terrible every day for the past week, its over capacity with players, the building sizes of clans is often around 1000 square foundations. And it wasnt helped with the mental design of pet taming pens which are bigger than the average base you need to put most things.
Please funcom, you are not facing bankruptcy anymore. Upgrade the budget gportal servers to the next package!

Im trying to log since days and i tried to join the session of my friend “Natros” who is already in the game and it say “the server is not working” i have screenshots of all of this proving it a screenshot of only 15 european servers on my list the rest were us servers and also an other screnshot with the message “the server is not working” when i try to join on the server hes in.

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Hi Javier_zrein,

I just logged in now to check if everything was in order, and I could do so correctly. The players list showed the aforementioned player and another one. As a general troubleshooting, could you try to reset your router and see if that would fix your current issue?


that dont happen only to me 5 persons of my tribe cant log also.

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check the imgur post there u can see how it say “the server is not working”

1 Like i can see those servers and the 1307 i cant see more thats all the european servers i can see (i restarted the router and nothing as usual)

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1127 did come up for about 30 mins.
Down again now.
Happens every day on official servers.
Been happening on official servers since early access.
Id much rather funcom just came out and stated that they would rather people buy their own servers and just shut down all the official ones if they have no intent on actually offering a decent official server that has some kind of support.
We can send tickets but what does that do? nothing since we have been sending them since launch.
We can message here on forums but what happens? hours upon hours of waiting for a response from somone who then has to go to a third party aka gportal to see what the issue is.
We can message gportal who just restart the server and tell us too message funcom.
And the circle repeats.
Its just getting more and more disgusting that Funcom were saved by this very game and admit that, but yet continue to NOT support the official servers.
I rememebr once they did have 70 player limits but in early access they realized the current servers couldnt handle it so they dropped it to 40 while they worked on performance issues.
And now well after official release its 40 player limit and the servers cant handle it.
Aint rocket science to understand you need to upgrade them.

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any update?

Its out of work hours now for Funcom Oslo so i doubt any news will happen until tomorrow.
By then the servers will be up and working because everyone will have given up.
Kinda pointless to offer official servers hosted by a third part with no community or server support from them or funcom.
Makes you wonder how much of a % Funcom make from gportal every time somone makes a private server hosted by them…

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isn’t funcom in US now?

Funcom Oslo does CE.
Funcom NA does SWL and publishing

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I dont rlly know whats going on with FUNCOM when i give proofs where the server say “the server is not working” and a lot of ppl of ppl said the same and they don’t do anything.

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