[EU]The Dregs PvP Pippi 2XP/1.5H/WEEKLY RAIDS/EVENTS 60Slot Server

Any Exiles looking for a new home, please come and take a look. We are a EU 60 slot server but have had many NA players join in the last few days who found the ping good enough to hang around.

Paid upfront for a year so no worries about the server disappearing.

The server is PvP (active at all times) but we shall run a Raid event once every week. Players and/or clans can choose to opt in/out of these events. An arena has also been built to host events and prizes for the winners every week.

Many more planned events every week once we get a larger population.

Purge settings have been turned up and run every evening for a decent amount of time.

Pippi is installed on the server and we are now thinking about adding the currency system.

Discord https://discord.gg/TYUgMmh

Server I.P

We’ve had quite a few join yesterday but still plenty of space left.

The Arena has been started too.

Edited post to add some extra info, take a look today while the server is still fairly clean.

Arena finally built, getting ready to have an event this weekend.

Event this Friday evening, different brackets so even new players can join in.

Arena has been placed close to an obelisk and even has a map room close by for all to use to make events alittle easier.

High end weapons for the winners.

Population is picking up.

First event tonight in 1hour.

Population still growing and our first raid event this weekend.

Pippi has just been installed on the server.

4XP all this weekend aswell as a couple of events.

4XP Just started ready for the weekend.

Hop on and take alook. server still running fine and plenty of building space left on the map.

Purge day this saturday.

Raid event tonight

PvP arena event Tuesday for all players , no matter what level.