[EU] The Lost Paradise PVE

[EU] The Lost Paradise PVE (2x xp/3xH)
The lost paradise is a server with stable and friendly community.
Our server host is located in Germany and our server main language is English.

Fast connect: steam://connect/
Server Ip:
Our Discord: https://discord.gg/kVHBNWs

Server settings:
25 Slots
2x XP
3X Harvest
Equipment drop not on death/ Character stay not in the world when offline.
Purge only in weekends.
Avatars disabled.

He guys, this sounds like the server me and my girlfriend are looking for. How many people are currently playing on it?

The server just started yesterday.
There were yesterday 3 players total online (Me/ Mine admin and player).
So 3 players. Our server got 25 slots.

You are welcome to join. Plenty of space still avaible to be build!

We will probably join tomorrow if that is ok.

Ofcourse! Thanks for joining us :slight_smile:

We still have spots left on our server.

We still have spots left on our server!
We have now stable and friendly community on our server.
At night times they are mostly now around 15 people online.