[EU] Voidlands Fresh Server


:small_orange_diamond: We attach great importance to fair play and good interaction between players on our server. We don’t want to see toxic players among us and toxic behavior towards admins or server may result in ban.

:small_orange_diamond: Political and ethic discrimination, any kind of personal insults will not be tolerated. Body shame, homophobic statements, anything about religious hate is forbidden in both game chat and discord server.

:small_orange_diamond: Racism is not acceptable in any way. Players who make racist or insulting remarks will be muted/kicked/banned immediately. Players with racist or inappropriate words in their username must change their usernames.

:small_orange_diamond: Only English or Turkish may be spoken in the GLOBAL chat and discord server.

:small_orange_diamond: Usernames containing special characters of languages other than English are prohibited. Emoji, smiley or similar uses are prohibited also.

:small_orange_diamond: In case of conflicts or accusations with another player, it is important that you have screenshots to prove your accusation. Screenshots should be forwarded via the support ticket.



Voidlands is a half roleplaying server, all players must behave and play accordingly. Being toxic and playing meaningless and disrespecting other players/admins is not welcomed.

:small_orange_diamond: Taking advantage of glitches, third party programs, exploits of bugs is strictly
FORBIDDEN. All attempts will result in immidiate ban.
Examples: Transferring loot through doors or walls, using the poison glitch to teleport to
bed. (And all other glitches or exploits)

:small_orange_diamond: DEATHMATCHING random killing is forbidden please check PVP rules for further information.

:small_orange_diamond: Role-playing is allowed and all must respect role-players. Power roleplaying is forbidden, you cannot force anyone to anything with role.

:small_orange_diamond: GRIEVING (provocatively seeking and killing players) and spawn killing (including
beginners) is forbidden, penalties are applied at the discretion of the admin.

:small_orange_diamond: INSIDING (means: joining a clan and destroying the base, taking all the loot) is strictly

:small_orange_diamond: Duplicate game characters are not allowed.

:small_orange_diamond: To accuse someone about something, evidence(video, screenshot, event log) must be
submitted via SUPPORT TICKETS.

:small_orange_diamond: Stream sniping and ghosting is forbidden, penalties are applied at the discretion of the

:small_orange_diamond: Killing scouting NPCs with spikes or bugs/glithces is forbidden.

:small_orange_diamond: It’s forbidden to take advantage of SERVER CRASHES. (looting or killing offline players
or climbing into buildings that could stopped without a crash.)

:small_orange_diamond: Spamming global chat is forbidden. Please use local chat if neccesary (or discord/teamspeak etc.)



Building rules must be followed but there might be exceptional situations. Please contact to server admins via support tickets if you are unsure about your buildings and/or you have exceptional situations. If you break the rules your buildings could destroyed after several warnings.

:small_orange_diamond: All players must build ONE big main base and maximum three sub bases. (6x height and 10x10 length - width) Don’t build your bases unnecessary big. All buildings have big impact on server performance. If you have to build a small town for your clan please contact us via support tickets.

:small_orange_diamond: Players must dismantle their old bases after changing location. Old bases that haven’t been dismantled for a long time will be destroyed by admins.

:small_orange_diamond: Players cannot build around important accesses, in dungeons, NPC villages, important
caves for resources or recipes. Building near obelisks, blocking story points or boss spawns also forbidden. If you are unsure ask an admin before you build.

:small_orange_diamond: Foundation spamming is not allowed.

:small_orange_diamond: Base claiming limit is 20 foundation squares around base.

:small_orange_diamond: All clans can have maximum 5 vaults.

:small_orange_diamond: God bubbles are forbidden.



PVP rules must be followed, there are no exceptional circumstances. In case of violation
of the rules, a penalty is applied at the discretion of the admin.

:small_orange_diamond: Unnecessary and random PVP is FORBIDDEN. You have to talk or interact with player in order to kill them. Meaningless kills are reviewed and penalized under deathmatch rule. Killing beginner players for nothing and spawn killing is also forbidden.

:small_orange_diamond: PVP between different level is or with unequal numbers of players/clans is allowed.

:small_orange_diamond: It’s not allowed to do any kind of damage to other players while sitting on the rhino. Players only may use rhino for travel purposes.

:small_orange_diamond: Horse PVP is only allowed if the other player is also riding a horse. Attacking a player while you are on a horse is only allowed if the player on foot attacks you first.

:small_orange_diamond: Equipping thralls with trowing weapons is forbidden. (Example: javelins, axes and firespark arrows) Any uses of firespark arrows are also forbidden.

:small_orange_diamond: Cancelling the fighting animation and taking advantage of it is not allowed.

:small_orange_diamond: Using Globe of Yezud for PVP are forbidden.

:small_orange_diamond: Forcing a thrall to tp into a base to kill another player is not allowed.



Raid rules must be followed, there are no exceptional circumstances. In case of violation
of the rules, a penalty is applied at the discretion of the admin.

:small_orange_diamond: Destroying admin buildings is forbidden!

:small_orange_diamond: Raid bases are allowed. (10x10 h-w and 6x high) Raid bases must be removed
immediately after the raid time ends and raid bases can’t be converted into outposts.

:small_orange_diamond: Counter-building is forbidden during raids. Building beds, elevators, trebuchets are
allowed. If raiders are not seen around the base and remain inactive for more than fifteen
minutes, raided clan can rebuild.

:small_orange_diamond: It’s forbidden to raid outside of raid times.

:small_orange_diamond: Only 1 clan or 6 players allied from different clans are allowed to raid one base at the
same time, PvP is always allowed.

:small_orange_diamond: While raiding, it’s forbidden to destroying the whole base.

:small_orange_diamond: Raid protected bases cannot be raided. It’s not allowed to kill thralls/pets at or inside
the base from a clan with raid protection. (example to climb into the base and kill thralls is



Raid protection time lenghts are determined by admins.

:small_orange_diamond: New players can always take advantage of raid protection but you have to reach to
admins via support ticket. New players must add [RP] in front of their clan names
(example: [RP]ClanName) and they are required to put up at least three wooden signs
with an explanation that they are raid protected.

:small_orange_diamond: The decision to raid protection may vary depending on the clan’s base size, the
number of people in the clan, or how much the base has been destroyed. Players must
open a support ticket minimum 2 hours before the next raid starts. If admins confirm raid
protection, clan must add [RP] to clan name.

:small_orange_diamond: Raid protected clans cannot raid other clans. Raid protected clans should focus on
building their bases; harassing other players or focusing on PVP is not welcomed.

:small_orange_diamond: Raid-protected clans must stay online during raid times to call an administrator if they
get attacked.

Exp: x3
Harvest: x3
Base Raids: Tue. - Thu. - Fri. - Sat. - Sun.


β—‹EU - PVP Vanilla
β—‹ Exiled Lands
β—‹ Raids 5 days in a week
β—‹ Every player under protection of our rules
β—‹ No Toxic Players allowed in our community
β—‹Active Admins who respect their players
β—‹ New Player Friendly
β—‹ Role-players respected and supported
β—‹ News and vets welcome



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