Evade and defense rating soft caps

I’ve been playing with stats during testlive a bit, and noticed something odd:

  • The defense rating softcap seems to occur at 4569 rating, which is all SP passives + exactly 3 elaborate stalwart glyphs
  • The evade rating softcap however, seems to be somewhere around 5000 rating, which is SP passives + 3 elaborate glyphs + some extra left

Here’s my suggestion: increase the defense soft cap to 5000 as well. This will allow both defense and evade agents to still have some value after glyphs are maxed, so at least one +500 defense agent would be beneficial to slot for a tank. This would make these stats similar to how the crit power soft cap is a bit above what SP passives + 2 elaborate crit power glyphs provide, allowing crit power agents to have full effect.

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