Event Log broken?


Shows only this date

Slider set to one day?

wow - great tip !!!

Glad you liked it :wink:

But on serious note:
just checked my own log -
even with slider on 15 days, log only shows today.

@meljcom, with all respect intended - you did not specify if you changed the slider or when was last you saw more than one day of log.

I am joining you with reporting the problem. I will not provide the solution or explanation, but fully described situation should help those who do know.

I open the event-log - put the slider to 1 day - and than ask why the event log shows me only one day ??? Really great answer…

Ok - love you

by other reasons I reloged just now

on first attempt still only todays log.
Then I randomly unchecked few ticks and clicked submit.
Playing around a bit I saw this:
having “Friendly Inventory access” ticked causes the log to show only today.

With above stated unchecked, log also shows previous days.

Do not know if that is the only combination, but “works” for me :smiley:

Yesterday i was raided and i want to know who was it. Saw only server start - server shot down - on officel server. Thx for answering.

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