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I guess you’re missing this:

Besides, it’s a hypothetic situation. If you pick a fight with a level 60 guy whyle you’re 20, no matter your equipment and effort: you’ll end up dead. Well, assuming you’re not a PvP God as you think you are.
What i meant is that you can hide your level by whearing lower clothing. Playerlist showing everyone’s level is fair since anyone can decide if they’re going to mess with you or not, based on levels. Remember that it only shows level, not hability; you still can put down a player with a level higher than yours. Besides, in the heat of the fight you’ll not stop to check the list.


Sonek, I don’t think you pvp’d much, but lets go…

Of course players equally skilled, lvl and gear will always matter, no doubt, but your statement is not entirely true in a skill based game, so a skilled lvl 20 can win a fight against a non skilled 60, regardless of equiment and even more EFFORT!

I never said I was good or “God”, you must say this because I mentioned “newbie move” or “true PvP’er”, and by that, people who really PvP in games knows that everytime you make an approach, you are in the risk of being attacked, so this is about “knowing what you’re doing”, and after a while, if you play pvp, you will know what to do and do not.

Isnt it that “smart playing” ? Shouldn’t players have that option if they want to? And you say, “yeah they can” but again, PlayerList limit that.

There is always the two kind of players, the ones who looks at the enemy level before engaging the fight, and the ones who goes regardless of it, if you choose PvP server to play, you can expect everything, every behavior, if you see a naked guy/rags whatever looking like a low lvl, but hes not, and you know because of a MMO/generic Multiplayer Game Feature, then you decides to not engage, this seems to me “less survival” than it would be if levels were not displayed. So, this is indeed an “Easy Thing” in a “Harsh Brutal Game”.

That’s because I say levels shouldn’t be displayed in Player’s List for PvP servers, if you want to avoid encounters while you’re low lvl, you should just stay away and not look for it, if you’re a low lvl, and you encounter someone you don’t know what lvl is his/her, you just run! simple!

you know Sonek4, you have your opinion, I have mine, I have my point, and it makes sense for PvP, yours makes more sense for PvE-C. Whatever, this discussion won’t go anywhere.


Indeed. Pitfully it seems that you’re always “assuming” this and that… Well, let’s just say that: i do PvP. And i like doing it wirh the level information on the list. If you see me as “newbie”, PvE-C oriented, whatever, it’s just your opinion.
It’s a free world, mostly, so yes, you must have your own opinion. Knowing that i think otherwise is fair enough, isn’t it? I rhink so.


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