there be easter in near future, and it could be nice if we can get event. about creation part its up to you of course, but it would be nice if we get expect, just cool loot also permanent recipes/items. dont misunderstood it with p2w, or op mechanic.

its just about unlocking new uniqe decors, recipes, armors… building pieces maybe?

some of that decors can be obtainable in next years, some be uniqe, it would add to game more life, and also add reason to come back, to see exile land from different point of wiew, i know you denied christmass event cus some problems at helloween, but i hope we see some events this year

easter event
maybe some troll event as you are from norway, or getting Hulda as waifu :heart_eyes:

i know it could be hard to manage events but it would be wery vital for game and playerbase

No game company ever will or has had a religious event.

Thats not PC

most of online games have it, even at fallout you get christmas decor in diamond city

i dont say it have to be called this way, ie ESO have new life festival wich is equivalent of christmas

also there were helloween event wich is religious event, or at least night of all saints

please just not political correctnes, it just harm games

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