Ever increasing difficulty level for purges?

A problem with this game is that an Active Alpha is near impossible to topple. If purges just keep getting harder and harder, to the point that even an Alpha gets wrecked by them…and if the system noted how many structures, the total quality of thralls, number and quality of weapons, armors, number in clan…etc., and this decreased the time between purges…we would see a cycling on the servers, and this would cause more interest, IMHO.


I can’t claim to have a dog in the race where toppling a PvP alpha is concerned, but I would love to see some of the older purges get amped up to perform more like how the newer ones do. Dagon Slave-Takers, Sobek Cultists, Berserkers, and the Army of Nordheimers are a much more exciting challenge than even Cimmerian Beast-Tamers or Vanir Hunters.


I tottaly agree. Your suggestion fits more than one place. Even in pve or pve c, if i new that, ‘build more’ is ‘purge more’ then i would surely do it. Nice suggestion dude :+1:.

Well, I would also want to see each Purge you go through get harder and harder. Right now, even with the tougher purges, they do little damage. I had T3 Cimmerian Fighters and Berserkers hold off Cimmerian Beast Tamers. Nothing touched any of my buildings, and I didn’t even build a fortress. Just the thralls held off all of the Purge. Killed them before they got to the buildings. I wasn’t even there. Got caught on the other side of the map for the first two waves.


I want to talk a little this statement, that your purges ‘never destroy anything on your buildings’.
Same here. The thing is that i ve seen several YouTube purges that destroy a lot. I never had this misery, to loose sides of my building, except some wooden standing torches​:rofl::rofl::rofl:. I really wish purges where harder

Purge cap is currently 6 .Its logical to think they can increase this to 10. But not without extensive testing first.

I’ve had a few moments of stuff breaking… but its only at start of game, when i still got sandstone… or have “placer items” as sandstone in later zones.

When I was aware of how it worked… I lost a few walls, vases, tables and some thralls.

Nowadays? I know to lure stuff out, place random foundations outside base so they get AI to play with that. To listen for attacks inside my base. Its pretty rare to lose stuff.

I wont count pets who didnt go “greater” who i send out to die. >_> (cause i was lazy to take them to Volcano, or drop them drop super high up, or lure them into flames at top of black towers. XD

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About pets the last months, it is most horses, or fridge :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:. No matter how many horses i have they are simply beautiful. Plus i always make a stable and put a fed box in front of them.

With thrall limits, this may not be possible. Not sure about horses and animals, but if they are limited also, you won’t be able to have tons of thralls and pets. As I understand it, crafting thralls don’t count against this limit, which is good.

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