Ever wanted to host your own modded server for free?

I am looking for someone who wants to help grow a modded server. I have a decent sized community backing my unmodded servers, some which show interest in the modded server. I have plenty of room on my dedicated box to run some extra servers but with the way funcom hides modded servers by default I am not sure how it will play out, but that being said, I have extra room and would like to do some fun stuff the community would like to see. ~500 people currently in the discord, if we can get it to grow and people to play on, there could be some monetary gain for you as well.

18+ please.

Join our discord and DM me, - Haggy

I would say the best way of advertising for a modded server is to use the advertisement channels on the mods’ you use discords.

Im just throwing it up in places. My regular servers do well, just want to expand to something modded because I enjoy using pippi. But my community I’ve built only cares for vanilla.

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