Every hourish the game completely quits back Xbox home screen

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***Singleplayer, crash, lagging all the time,USA

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***every hour about i get thrown out. Constant lag.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:
1.play for about an hour after building 2 castles
2.make a large fight with many enemies, just play with nothing much happening
3.step 1 and 2

At least u get to play, no joke. My single player game wont even load up. They say they’re working on it so hopfully we get some good news with in this month. But i wouldnt get your hopes up. Sorry dude all of us xbox players are having similar or worse experiences right now.

It sounds like you just bought the game, if so request a refund from microsoft immediately before it is too late.

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Yes if you just got the game get your money back asap just have a look around these forums the game is broken it shouldn’t be for sell in the Xbox store

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