Everybody do the flop!

Seems every critter in this game can make you flop on the ground with every attack no matter the armor level.

Epic plate armor. Wolf bites me i flop onto the ground. Really? This is mechanics?

Also it seems the weapons from NPCs don’t have to touch you they just have to swing at you a foot away and you recoil or flop like they have extra reach on their weapons.

Flop flop flop flop flop. Everything makes you flop. Conan Exiles: Get on the deck and flop like a fish

Use a weapon with hyper armor…no more flop.

so the answer is remove all basic attacks from the game?

it happened a few minor patches ago, TONs of extra push back from mobs that didnt once do that

im sure they have a decimal point in the wrong spot again

@Vambrace We lost poise so no matter the armor level you still get flopped by sword attacks (They seem to stagger and flop on all attacks. Axes and maces don’t) And basica animal attacks.

@frostfairy Did i say remove basic attack? don’t put words in my mouth. I got caught in a corner by a wolf that kept doing its basic attack in rapid succession and i was flopping on my face over and over and over. I was in heavy armor so i was gonna be there for a bit. My friend had to come over and save me as even tho i pulled out a shield to block i was being rapid flopped over and over.

“remove basic attack”

since a simple attack from any npc seems to cause a stagger or flop while a player is using a none hyper armor attack, meaning a player can only use heavy attacks to do anything since all regular attack get interupted from npc attacks of any kind

wasnt putting anything in ones mouth, just a salty feedback from one of their “balances”

rubs own face Sorry i’m just having a bad day. I am wrong. I meant to say remove it from basic attack for NPCs. So all of their attacks don’t stumble and flop you every hit. NPC’s seems to be able to fight through all of my attacks.

the npcs seem oddly imbalanced some just stagger at every touch while things like skeletons rip you apart and stagger on every single hit no matter light or heavy

they sadly didnt start really pushing updates for use to test till way to late in the game

we saw small tiny updates and then complete deserts for waaaay to long, then realised they only had 1-2 months left and panicked and now everything is all messed up 1 patch fixes 1 thing and breaks 2 more, sad since they had thousands of testers waiting and wanting to test and the fail to push anything to servers for way way way to long, could be months ahead but instead we are now months behind, melee kinda broken, archery completly broken, scorcery didnt even make it in, purge is gonna wreak servers when no one is even on, armor is basicly heavy armor or dont bother and infinite blocking all the way

gonna be a rough few months after launch hope they dont kill it right out of the gate, use long term players will stick with it but if it rolls out with a bad review and people leaving from broken game, gonna have to move onto the next game, that there isnt one :frowning:

I wear light armor and attempt to dodge all attacks from NPC(s), If I get hit I immediately dodge possibly several times to avoid the incoming attack chain.

When I am fighting several enemy’s I will then switch to Greatsword for the cleave but still employ the same tactic. With groups I move a lot more to position enemy’s to avoid being attacked by multiple attack chains at once.

If I rush into a huge group of NPC(s) and stand still in heavy armor trying to tank…yes I will get flopped.

Using a shield also provides ways to combat the flop and stagger problem.

Combat is fun and there is risk of being knocked down and beat to death if you dont use dodge, block, positioning and so on…

If anything I think they should make NPC(s) a bit tougher as i can cleave through 3 to 5 NPC(s) without them ever getting a shot off…

Wolf attacks that flop have an obvious “tell” and DO NOT happen in quick succession so this is a very strange example that is missing something…I have had single wolves attack me while in light armor with my crafting interface up and I didnt even rush to get out…After a few seconds I dropped the interface and killed the wolf in one attack chain…

I have not experienced NPC combat as you have at all.

It won’t matter what will be their next game then. They had their last chance with CE.

@Vambrace The wolf normally does but for some reason now they have a quick snap bite and when i got caught in the corner it kept repeating it over and over. (Made a small outpost cause i don’t wanna respawn half way across the world and it ran up the stairs and cornered me before i could open the door and flopped me over and over)
Also it sounds like you have the damage taken by mobs turned up where ever you’re playing.
But yea seems mobs ignore anything that would flop me. I do the same sword attack they don’t flinch. I’m in heavy armor and they do the same attack i’m flopped.

I don’t have damage turned up but I do run 40 pts in strength which means one heavy rotation with a deent Greatsword will nuke a wolf.