Everything about this update is a mistake on the order of Siptah's EA release. It's terrible. Really terrible

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Preaching to the choir brother.

Does the battle system need work? Yes.
Is this it? Set, I hope not.

Jimbo be’en all derisive :grin:


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So far in the public beta client I haven’t found any of the changes to be HORRIBLE. But I guess when you go in expecting things to be that way your are going to perceive them to be that way because you know, you already have that assumption made. I have a 3 day weekend coming up and I intend to spend some more time on there to test things out a bit more but so far, nothing has been horrible.

Yeah, everyone always claims this same sad garbage every time any tiny little thing gets changed and guess what, it never happens. Maybe if you actually spent some time to oh I don’t know, GET USED TO HOW THE NEW SYSTEMS WORK instead of crying about how they are now different you would come to a whole new perspective on things. :woman_shrugging:


Dont worry too much about the trolls on the forums that need their daily bashings.

I havent popped into testlive since I dont believe its my duty to test a 6 year old game, but I did chuckle at the stamina changes. Funcom spent how much time and effort into making the system we have now to simply get rid of it in the name of “new content” so they can monetize it.

  1. And it’s a privilege not a duty. I get to play with the new toys before you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Have they ever stopped? Seems one of their favorite pass times is nerfing weapons, pets, and thralls.

Seriously, they are finally over hauling the purge system, that in an of it’s self is a reason to expectatious.


he siad do do :slight_smile:


These changes so far are mostly disliked, if you go forward with changes the majority are seemingly against you’ll be punished by said majority. I’ve played many other games over the years and seen this happen numerous times, Blizzard and World of Warcraft is a good example, the developers adopted this " we know better than you " poilcy to the point they were telling prominent theorycrafters they don’t know anything.

They were warned numerous times during their betas and still continued to think they knew better than everyone and that led to a dismal experiences for people which saw some of their greatest subscriber drop offs, they’ve since changed their tune a bit and have seem improvements but they haven’t recovered.

Posts like yours are not helping.


Have you tried them, or are you parrotting what you saw someone else say? I like the changes.

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Yes I have tried them, have you tried not white knighting? I know you’re a mod on the Conan Exiles discord so this is to be expected from someone like you, criticism is valid even if you do not like it.


Ah the age old declaration that any positive feedback in a negative space must be white knighting. Sure, bud. It’s lost all meaning now.

I moderate a fan-run community discord, if you’re insinuating I’m a secret dev again. I volunteer and I participate in a community for a game I like, because I like it. I don’t come in just to bash it all the time like you seem to do


Look at your initial post, tell me, what did it add to the discussion or to the feedback process? You came in here with the intention to mock and shoot the OP down for having an opinion you didn’t agree with, to which you do so often btw, blind faith does not make this game a better game, constructive criticism can.

I offered a story of why developers should listen to feedback and your retort was to dismiss everything and claim I’m parroting but since your looking at my posts you should of looked at one i made about 20 mins ago, then you’d know I have been testing the changes.


@Kamos stop engaging with @Jimbo on this. It is not the first time he resorts to such tactics to try shut down feedback he doesn’t agree with which eventually gets the thread off rails and closed.

Just provide your feedback and block him.


My post was to highlight the unwinnable endless complaining that comes from all facets. Not even a week ago now there was threads demanding they take 3 months to make no content and just bugfix, and now it’s flipped. There is no pleasing anyone


i would not say that everything is a mistake.
the goomba nerf is great
the buff to legendary weapons are nice
Coffers could be interesting i am just worried that this means the need of having a even bigger base increasing the chances of getting banned for base size.
Clan banners could be good if we have much more simbols and stuff to customize it but i dont’ really care that much for something that doesn’t affect gameplay.

but… im afraid that the list of good things ends there
everything else seems either a mistake or a unnecesary change while is true that the combat could be better i don’t think that these current stamina changes are the answer.

is just way too fast regen and if the problem was people with dagger spam, why not just increase the stamina cost for daggers and not every single weapon?

since rolling and attacking with rolling thrust gained so much value making light armor even more meta than it already is, what is even the point of medium and heavy armor existing and wasting slot spaces.

and one of the most annoying things is not being able to repair the legendary weapon if you wanna keep this of “the world pushing against you” why not make a legendary repair kit that only works for legendary and cost more resources?.

Which toys? The only thing that is new is the emblem station and this halfbaked treasure system which they could have implemented when its done. They are always introducing halfbaked stuff and then promise to work on it. Then you get the silent treatment until they deside to remove a feature or leave it in without beeing worked on because they can not figure out how to make it work correctly.

  • Offline raiding - DBD - promissed to work on - complete fail
  • Server transportation system - promissed to work on - then suddenly removed - no info since then other then their obligatory: “we work on it” bla bla (I bet they do not)
  • Golems - introduced 3 month ago - yeah yeah we work on it, just the first step - nothing since then (but selling 20 euro skins ofc)

We got a new perk system in 3.0. There is no need to change it again. Stamina works fine as it is. But well, here we go AGAIN changing what doesn´t need to be changed while the stuff that is really broken continues to be ignored.

Their age of war is a age of desaster.


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I rarely finish a full combo because it leaves me open for too long and usually I use some grit in my build so this part doesn’t bother me. NPCs hitting harder is probably not too much of an issue either since generally the idea is to avoid being hit but looking forward to hearing the community feedback on the Arena Champion after the damage buff.

Having a chance of losing max durability on every repair is an odd mechanic and I am not liking the sound of it. In most games I have played such loss is usually to be expected if you fail an upgrade and in BDO for example you can restore % of max durability by sacrificing an item of certain grade.

Better purges sounds good on paper but I will reserve my judgement until I see the execution.

In general, gathering treasure sounds interesting but if it is some statues and gold/silver it sounds boring. It would have been better if it is expanded to more items e.g you can use the system and create a list of all legendaries and boss items and get awarded points for collecting them.

The part about the AI attack capabilities is puzzling to me, there are only a few spots with large groups of npcs and you just have to be a bit smarter than rushing right in the middle. I guess I will wait and see how this feels with the increased damage but maybe increase it to max 4 npcs engaging you at any time.


No your post was made specifically to discredit the concerns of the author without actually adding anything to the conversation