Everything about this update is a mistake on the order of Siptah's EA release. It's terrible. Really terrible

Nothing about the new update is horrible. The changes to stamina and weapon stamina consumption are pretty close though.

In my opinion, too many changes are being made in this update to the way stamina behaves, along with across the board weapon damage, weight, player, thrall and NPC HP pools, player, thrall and NPC damage output. That is too much to balance in one update.

The rest seems fine. The max durability loss on items sounds good to me. This opens up some options for the future and new ways to repair or recover items. It also gives a reason to continue crafting items and opens up the gameplay loop. Unless you play PvP or you’re always dying in lava, you never really lose your end game items.

I’m sure the update is going to see some heavy tweaks. June 22nd is a huge window of time and more than previous updates have received on test live.

To the OP - I’m not sure what Siptah’s EA release has to do with this?

Take away a feature only to give it back to us at a later date…er no thanks.

Thats not a gameplay loop thats more like a chore. If the end game is going to endless grind for legendary’s and mats I could think of nothing else thats going to burn out players faster, after all repetition is the biggest killer in these sorts of games.

I really hopes so, I’m lucky I’m not currently playing on any official servers at the moment after leaving two that I had been playing on for 3 years. So I can sit this update out but from my experience the test server is usually changed very little before hitting live servers and bugs that have been reported by testers can still end up in final release.

Well if you didn’t know when Sipta originally released on early access the devs wanted it to be something different from how exile lands play. When the map released it was very bare bones, had no NPC camps and seemed very PVP focused. The community wanted it to be more familiar to exile lands and so the new map was met with disappointment. The devs realising that their vision isn’t what most of the community wanted had go back and redevelop map into what it is today.


Except there there will be no new Age themed content (aka new ways to play) until October. But that is OK in a lot of players books.

We are on opposite sides of this debate.

I haven’t noticed the stamina changes except that they have made combat a lot easier for me. As for the rest of the changes, that I now have to consume some of the resources I’ve had in chests for years, that’s fine, I can get more.

My few hours in the Age of War, the biggest change I have noticed is that I am no longer annoyed that my heavy attacks are ignored and my stamina penalty is removed.

But, this is my stance, which does not invalidate how you feel the game is treating your play style.

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Ya this ain’t the age of sorcery. It came with a ton of new toys, some of them broke, some of them eh, some of them now gone. I’m afraid since sorcery was so big, no matter what, this age will disappoint.

I am a fan of the stamina and weapon changes. I am sure it will continue to be tweaked, but i like the impact of these changes.

The tether range though needs altered though. Its too short.


I’m genuinely curious what it is you like about theses changes.

For me combat feels way too easy with the lower health of NPC’s, the fights no longer feels as epic with so few of them fighting you at once. I used to like circling around them try to pick off the most dangerous ones first, Now I just run up to any enemy and cut them done without a care in the world of my surroundings and ultimately the combat just feels unsatisfying.

The stamina changes are just different, neither better or worse so I don’t know how I feel about this change. I always have full grit on my character anyways but I could certainly see how this could be a issue for those who don’t.

The durability changes are what I have issues with the most, Legendary’s not being able to be repaired in my opinion is a mistake and makes them more like consumables. I know of no other live service games where legendary weapons are temporary items that you cant keep use forever. If I run a agility build I use Musashi’s Black Blade with a 2% drop chance from legendary chest I would have to kill 50 world bosses with reasonable chance of getting one.

As for normal weapons losing durability with each repair would mean I’m just not going to bother repairing them at all, once they are done they go straight into the dismantling bench making repair kits even more useless. I used to like putting illusions on weapons too, I cant see that being something I use anymore as each replacement will require me to make two weapons.

Other than the promise of new stuff in later chapters the Age of War doesn’t actually add anything content wise other than some placeables that do nothing at the moment.


With the recent update to discourse probably bumping a default setting back… I can no longer read the OP and all the other censored posts :slight_smile:
As such… I’m not really sure what all the arguments are about…

In any case, I dislike a couple of aspects of the announced update too, of which I already made mentions here and there.

The ones I particularly dislike are buffing legendary weapons without changing how they’re acquired - the buff portion is ofc most welcome, but I would expect to find them in endgame dungeons or similar places and not on the river crocodile and not behind the good old RNG.

As for the stamina changes… I see why they did it… I would’ve done something else instead though :man_shrugging: The regen part I dislike as it pushes people even more into dodging… creating a “circus acrobat meta” further reinforced by rolling thrust, which all of a sudden became even more overpowered than it already was in relative terms.

I’m also disliking the fact that we’ve been promised a pet rework… We’ve been told that they’re going to nerf them in the first stage as an equalizer, then buff them later on… We got the nerf… but we haven’t got the buff and apparently that’s not going to be in the new age either. I asked 3 times on the developer stream, all 3 times the question was ignored.

(There are some other dev / modder related things that are concerning, which would probably have a worse effect than anything else people mentioned here… but hopefully those are just temporary and the release will fix them)

Now, with that being said, the OP is hidden so I can’t read it to see what it contained, but if it was an inappropriate way of providing feedback, then I really don’t think there’s cause for that.

I’ve seen some people mention that they’re allowed to have opinions on things and whatnot :smiley: Well, there’s the old saying that opinions are like buttholes… everybody has one… but I would add that just like buttholes, not every one of them should be publicly visible… :joy:
This ofc is a generalization as I have no clue what was in the OP or why it was hidden, all I’m trying to say is: Providing feedback is a good thing imo, whether that feedback is good or bad as long as it’s done in an appropriate manner and there’s also no need to become a doomsday scarecrow.

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Nothing I posted was offensive in any way. All I said was that none of the changes were remotely good and then I pointed out the hypocrisy of the lead developer stating they wouldn’t take away players progress by wiping servers because that was the quickest way to get players to quit the game and yet making legendaries break after so much use was taking away countless hours of players’ progress acquiring said items. I didn’t use any offensive language or anything. Nerfing craftable legendaries into uselessness is also taking away countless hours of players progress in the game.


Oh, I see, thanks for clarifying.
Personally I don’t think the repair part is a big deal - we’ll see I guess, might be a good excuse to use up some of those legendaries we keep collecting in the box near the door (everybody has a box like that :smiley: don’t even try to deny it lol) - so that might be a “slower” way of losing players, we’ll see I guess.

I do get the impression sometimes though that Dennis is indeed getting his feedback from Mars :stuck_out_tongue: I mean no offense with that ofc. I think he’s done an excellent job when it comes to content and lore and all the new stuff and the likes, the game basically got revived, but as far as gameplay goes I agree it could be better - but like Jimbo pointed out, you can’t please everyone no matter what you do (it’s just sometimes still weird when it comes to some of the more eyebrow-raising choices)

The combat is just super easy now. It’s not challenging in the least. 15 str, 15 agi, 10 vit, 5 auth, 10 grit, 5 ex, Heavy epic with weight reduction and some star metal I can gather up tons of Cimmerians + 5 or 6 sabertooths and just roll around endlessly and kill them all. It’s not tactical, it’s not challenging. The game was in a good place. 3.0 fixed so much in addition to all the sorcery stuff. Now we get this hot garbage. It’s baffling. I mean if combat is going to stay like this, the new purge mechanic better be overwhelmingly tough at the highest tier. I better be bloody atop a mountain of bodies by Crom!


I don’t think the durability is that big of a deal either but some people do and I definitely see their point of view. I don’t run dungeons or the unnamed city endlessly to try and get legendaries. I also have a box they go in or I hang them on the wall, but hypocrisy is still hypocrisy. I appreciate how much the game has improved but I don’t consider the unnecessary changes introduced with this patch improvements at all.

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Combat was always easy. I actually thought they were going to make it harder, but people are saying the exact opposite. Having a high stamina was not the cause for easy combat. A very limited AI is the problem, but I was told not much could be done about it. When I heard they were tweaking it, my hopes got high, but I haven’t yet seen anyone praising it. I’ll give you an example. For those who don’t want to see me spanking a berserker to death with bare fists at lvl 0, the result is that he dies whitout hitting me once. I do it with 100 stamina, the one we get at the start of the game.

I don’t know if there’s much that can be done about it, but the reason I can’t go from there and take care of the mounds at level 0 with some underwhelming weapon is, in the live version, swarming.
Eventuay you’ll be crippled and that’s that. I hope with the new system they don’t make npcs coming at you in turns.
Combat is just a part of this very satisfying game. The game doesn’t have the “bones” to give us a souls like experience and it would be unfair to expect it. So I don’t get too worked up about it. It is what it is. The game, overall is awesome. Very ambicious, could perform better, but it’s a hell if a game. But I digress…
Anyway, it’s not the first time I punched a hard npc just to see if I could defeat it like that. Strangely enough, very rarely, they break their usual patterns, but in a somewhat “glitchy” way. I remember once that bozo in the video threw two blows and then a third so out of pattern that he got me and sent me to the desert. It wasn’t the special move, it went sideways, but it sent me to an early grave.
Now, I wonder if that impredictability could be replicated on purpose. One of the reasons this game is easy is patterning. Npcs don’t vary much and have a very hard time adapting to changes. If that could be tweaked, combat would be more interesting.
What say you?


I like to hunt legendaries, but usually I do it when I start to get the first weapons, equip thralls etc. I stop doing it when I have too many spares, so this kind of works to me. That said, some very rare drops could be protected from degrading. It could be a perk of sorts like those others they have. Call it unbreakable or something like that. Those wouldn’t lose durability. Everyone would be happy that way.

I’m going to have to agree with you 100% that the reason people say combat is boring is that the enemy AI moves in a very predictable pattern. They have no tactics and most have no special moves. In the beta I haven’t seen any change in this and they can fiddle with stamina numbers all day but that’s not going to make anything any more interesting. Don’t get me wrong I love the game also but you know it is what it is and constantly changing numbers is really annoying and frustrating.


Out of curiosity is that single player aka no lag? Maybe just my crappy connection but on a remote server that berserker would have hit me 9 out of 10 times if I timed the dodges like that. I have to dodge much, much sooner.

That was actually disorienting to watch cause my mind kept thinking you had been hit almost every time.

I normally only use single player for admin testing. Will have to try this and see how it goes.


Of course, @Raeil . Online you aren’t at level 0 when you get there. Also, as you say, all it takes is a little lag and the whole thing may go very differently. You can still do it, but it’s advisable to be a little more careful managing the distance. You can’t be completely on top of the zerker.
This leads me to another point: less hp and more damage leads to faster time to kill ( ttk).
We know faster ttk is a problem for games with lag, frame drops, patfinding troubles, etc.
Having a high HP pool makes up for that. Having a low HP pool is a risky way to increase challenge that often leads to frustration. You die, not because you fought poorly, but because the game "acted up’ on you. You feel it was a unfair death. If you lose a thrall on top of that, you get mad. I think FUNCOM needs to pay close attention to the tests and see how it goes. It’s a risky move they’re doing.
I haven’t fully understood all the changes related to stamina. I used to invest a bit on it because of the fluidity it gave to fighting. Combat is already a little clunky. I hope it doesn’t get worse. We’ll see. I need to try it so I can form a conclusion. I’m listening to what players on beta servers are saying. It really sucks not being able to test the new version on console…


and when the enemy is not hitting you hes running into the opposite direction of you 3 times and after that hes teleporting back. The poor Server performance is too a reason why combat sucks.

let"s be serious, and take lag in consideration as we know it on official server, or may be you never played on a official server with more than 25 players ? because when server fps come at low value, i assure you, u will predict nothing actual stamina and use of stamina is working in fact pretty well for pvp server and allow interesting fight (in past before sorcery rework of perk and character stat it was a matter of 2 seconds to kill, and who take benefit of the lag first and spam left click). actual system of stamina allow interesting fight in pvp and allow to survive lag problem of servers (yes it means longer pvp fight, but well that what is interesting…), the only problem actually for pvp fight is the q lock feature for other players. simply remove it for pvp and keep it for pve, and there will be an interesting balance for pvp fight based on skills. i do not understand why feedback of real players have been flagged ??? if you don’t see problem that is coming may be consider that the point is not to argue,but just play the game and see what is game breaking or not, and actually it seems that if nothing change that the whole pvp fighting balance will be broken, ie Infinite Roll & Hit Build In Age Of War-Rolling Trust Perk Will Break The Game:Conan Exiles Chapter3 - YouTube or Cocaine Exiles - Age of War PVP - YouTube or may stop argue jsut for having fun, and play the game to see by yourself and comes back to give feedback

there is a lot to balance in game to do but i am not sure this actually going in the right direction for weapons stamina use, so let’s hope they will listen to feedback of players before release.

by the way as personnal suggestion, a rework of the fight system should be something of long duration test with real player community to balance it really.

It might be, but the changes for pvp affect everyone, so that levels the playing field in such regard. However, the faster the ttk, the more factors other than skill interfere with the outcome of a fight. Longer ttks make for more forgiving fights. It’s like an exam. If you have 20 questions and you fail one, it’s not a big deal. If you only have 5, 20% of the final score just went out of the window.
I like fast ttks in games with peak performance to emphacize the tactical aspect. It forces players to think instead of rushing. But in this case, I think fast ttks won’t help at all because of how the game performs. I can’t say without trying, but on a busy server, the winner of a fight might just end up being the luckier one, the guy who suffered from less lag, for instance. With longer ttks, these factors tend to balance themselves. I have a few worse seconds, then you have it too, etc. If death is fast, the first one being unlucky with performance related factors draws the short straw. There won’t be time for compensation.

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