Everything deleted after update and other issues

Game mode: Singleplayer
Problem:| Bug
Region: [NA]

all character stats reset to 0
bed missing
All workstations missing
all thralls gone
cannot place objects anywhere inside my buiding… (not enough contact with ground)
all chests, crates. workstations, wheels of pain, thralls and trophies missing. and any items that were in them.
f key loot all not working
Derketo shrines not producing zeal
Derketo shrine not upgradable after pleasure dome.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. log in… start game.

Before patch (start at 47 min)

After patch

Orbs disappeared due to people exploiting and duping items (since there is no way to distinguish duped items). The rest are likely caused by mods. Stats were reset due to some changes that would make sense to reset your stats (hey, free respec!)

Orbs was intentional.

My experience:
The dissapearing of the contenst of bases is NOT caused by mods, as officials have the same faults implies that.

Bout 3 patches ago same happened, all in base and the doors where gone, this time too.

Not on all bases btw. ( 1 of 4 for me)

My 2 cts