Everything destroyed by verfallssystem?

hello my character name is dragonspirit6910 and i am on official server # 1090 pve no ping. i have built a rather large base and spent a great deal of time creating buildings crafting stations and thralls to run them. as well as several large containers filled with resources and gear that i have spent many days obtaining. so i went on vacation for 3 days and i come back and my base is gone. all the buildings almost all the thralls and crafting stations and all the large and small containers holding all my resources and valuables are also just gone. i checked the in game log and it shows my base being destroyed by something or someone called vertsfallssystem. i have no idea what that is or why it destroyed my base. there are small buildings and construction in the form of a bridge and elevator system that i built well before most of my base and that structure is still there and intact even though it is separated from my main base. if decay was the issue, which by god i hope it is not after only 3 days. then why is the old seperate construction still there and not the newer stuff. i would like all my stuff and buildings back please. i just dont think that taking a 3 day vacation is grounds for having all my hard work wiped out and destroyed. i appreciate your quick and informative response when it arrives. thank you. (tim) dragonspirit6910.

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