Everything disappeared after update

Once again for at least the 6th time after an update I have half my stuff disappear. As long as it takes to build things in this vs environment mode I am pretty much tired of starting over all of the time. I’ve had it completely delete everything I had before and lost everything in my storage and chest boxes as well as my home and it just leaves me and my guards and a dancer. Why is this a reoccurring problem a year after this game has been released. Your latest update I lost two tents and everything under them like my saddle table, blacksmith bench, large camp fire, firebowl cauldron. Is there anyway to retrieve these.

Are you playing on official ps4 server and has there been a server restart since this happened? @Hugo will ask that and what was on your event log.

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On server 3513

No not using any mods

Tents? You didnt build foundations and walls and ceiling? And you log in every day, but lost everything on the maintenance day?

It seens it’s the game default decay that is claiming your stuff. If you dont build foundations and walls and ceilings, everything just placed on the ground wil have some hours of duration before decay kicks in and in less than 12 hours all of it will be gone.

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No I built a home but it deleted a lot of my things . I have had it completely delete my home and everything in it before to so it’s not just tents and other thralls.

Was your base all connected with foundations?

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