Everything I liked, disliked and I think it should improve

I liked that, I am a Conan Exiles player since the 1st day he joined the steam in early access, with more than 3 thousand hours of game, I have a lot to talk about, but I will summarize it to the maximum.

1º - The graphic evolution of the world was what I expected, I am very satisfied and I say even impressed, Conan’s visual design team never disappoint, congratulations.

2nd - I did not feel the same evolution of the world in the slaves, before the game had “advanced” slaves in a world surpassed graphically and technologically, now it was the other way around we have an extremely modern and technologically advanced world and slaves with technology from 2015, I mean the everything, visually they are still “pretty” but not the height of the new 2020 chart, hair, pubic hair … especially in the variation, all slaves have the same body and only change their heads, I hope that this new, more advanced system character customization is applied to slaves generated in the world, weight, height, body type, age, hair, body hair, pubic hair, dowries … they became even more generic and repeated in this new map, all slaves from the "North "for example they are the same sometimes 5 ‘perfect clones’ descend from the invocation of the outbreak.

3rd - I would also like to have felt an evolution in the behavior of the slaves at the base, they still do not make us feel in a base populated with life, you need a LOT to make slaves alive and present at the bases, I play solo and on PVE servers, with Certainly about 80% of Conan players fit into this position and for us to have really live bases, working, and with slaves that you really feel visual and behavioral “difference” is very important, make our bases more alive, fun and not feel alone in the game, and our desire to collect NPCs really rewarding and fun.

4th - The world is beautiful, but without cities it is totally without personality !!! since the first day of Conan when there was only the Desert, what I fell in love with in the world of Conan has always been the HUMAN theme and animals and monsters have always been secondary, it was the HUMAN theme that made me feel that this was a game different from all others, animals, monsters and zombies, I really expected the new map to come full of cities, living cities, full of personality, of humans like Assasin Creed for over 10 years in their cities even on Playstation 3, it was very frustrating for me to know that the game of Humans that I love became a game of animals and monsters.

5th SOLUTION I see for this: you should add new islands, as you said you will, each island being a sea in the city a culture of NPCs, a volcano island, a snowy island, a Cimérios island, dafari island … as if each sivilization developed on that island without having contact with the others, but full of HUMAN NPCs buildings, houses … these are the cities that concentrate the players, I have always been around Supermeru and New Asagart.

Despite the aforementioned disappointments I am once again in love with Conan, I can feel deeply that it is still worth playing the game, that it will still stay alive in the new generation, reading now that they will work on the slave generation system and addictions of new islands for me shows that you are really thinking the same as me, for sure I will still continue playing and even buying new DLCs that will add a lot to the game, and look, I already have 11 DLCs purchased, but I still feel comfortable and satisfied and encouraged to continue supporting the company, I look forward to these improvements.

An extremely simple example of how several “cities of Atlatis” from the Assasin Creed Odiseyssey DLC could be applied in the form of islands of civilizations and races, each island a city with its specific human race. of course you wouldn’t need to add all the islands at once, they would be added as updates to the new map 1 city at a time.


Yes, we need a settlement system added to Conan Exiles. This was one feature promised years ago before release of the Conan Exiled Lands map, but had to be cut. Now that we have the Isle of Siptah map, I hope a settlement system can be added before the end of its early access.

And placeables DLC packs to go with the settlement system.

Kinda miss the cities and camps myself. From what they said in the dev q and a though, i don’t think they intend to add any to siptah. Not sure it would work well with the lore of the island so far anyway

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