Everything is great, but something is missing

I love the building, I love the surviving, a love the dominating… I love the game. But still something is missing… something to fight for with all your clan members, something that needs tactical thinking, something that needs preparation.
A example : every 2 weeks a battle for a the throne in every server, the clan who can hold on the throne for 8 hours can choose the king for next 2 weeks, give some titles to members and debuffs to players…
This is just a example, anyway something extras like events would be nice to have.

Also the option to create a personal clan flag or logo would be great.


Not everything needs to relate to solo/so-co mode. Me I just know funcom have a problem with empty pvp servers… my experience only go for pvp. And the problem is easy, you build your base , you make your followers, you do all dungeons, you get bored and destroy all other bases… this results in people quitting the game because their base is completely destroyed. That’s exactly why there need to be something to fight for, something from the game, something for honor… in pve I always hear ppl complain that clans just claim as much ground they can and brake the server with land claim.
Everyone still have choice to participate to the group event, even a player without clan.
Let’s face it, if there is nothing else to do on a pvp other than be alpha, soon we will see clans control multiple servers.
There is something missing to make the game better than it is now, and its not horses, its events and activities on pvp and pve, I’m not a game developer, it’s just my feelings as a player. It’s the job of developers to find the answer.
And about the problem with the time? Raid time is also on specific times… some can be there, some can’t.

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Did I say a mode is not important? I just say something is missing for me, and I’m a pvp player. It’s my opinion on pvp , I share it , all other modes I leave the opinions to the people who actually play those modes.
I’m open for any other ideas, breaking other people’s opinion down will bring nothing :wink:

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I like the idea, only I would make it a little more difficult and instead of interacting with him or it , need kill it for example. The one who deals out the most damage wins it…?

I have long waited for someone to make a Reign of Kings inspired mod for Conan, where the one who holds a crown item will be able rule the lands (be king) and can set a resource tax for every player in the land. It would create a lot of interesting and funny conflict as happened in Reign of Kings.


It’s the player’s choice not to get involved with others. Just because some players, myself included, prefer to play solo, it doesn’t mean there couldn’t be group events. I know some MMOs have these seasonal competitions etc.

In my opinion, new features should be considered so they don’t hurt a solo player’s chances. It doesn’t mean all content needs to be soloable.

All group activities ignore solo players. Heck, PvP by definition is not accessible in Solo mode. If we are to let PvPers have fun wih this game too, we need to accept that some content will be designed for PvP and as such will have no value to us, such as weapons that drain stamina or cause corruption. I think those are cool designs, even if they’re just wall decorations for me.

I thought only players had stamina? I’m not taking sides in this particular comment, I’m just confused by this particular detail.

Id like to see events that set the player to raid npc bases in order to stop avatars from being summoned. that would be fun

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ooh neat!

I like the idea. PVP for a reason. True Alpha, instead of something just anointed by ones self because everyone else quit and server died. Solo clans have a shot. If they want the mark of the king, then they can go for it. Solo players, well it is about reason to raid. Since they are playing solo, then they don’t really care and can just anoint themselves king. But as it stands, officials feed the wipe mentality. Maybe badges of honor for you Steam/xbox/psn ID to show you are currently king on another official server?

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Yeah Id really dig the " Exiled King" status. If it “taxed” the other players resources that they gathered or created, or more or less just duped half or so to the king, even a solo player would be a major bad ■■■ as king. It would also really drive you to accomplish it!

I think this idea has some great value!

solo like single player or solo like multi player without a clan?

for single player: no not everything needs to address every single mode. pvp also did not work for single player and I did not see a reason why something should not be added because it did not work well for one of the game modes.

for clanless play: the same. it’s your choice to be clanless. maybe some additonal stuff like such events bring more players into clans (ok the thrall limit is more a valid reason to not be in a clan, I know)

making something for a defined set of a gamemodes is ok for me as long as all other gamemodes are not neglected. making everything available for all gamemodes will only lead to half-hearted compromises that won’t make any gamemodes really happy.

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not in every case. this game should never have had pvp according to your definition because there is a single player mode

this is an argument which is the death to every game with multiple modes. you never ever can make every single feature viable for every game mode. it’s impossible and trying to archive this is wasted time. you need a good mix of features so that every mode has something to do.

thats not pvp


thats a little dramatic

co-op yes, solo no. with your logic it is possible to play solo so we should remove pvp because it’s not a feature for all modes.

which is not pvp as long as no other player is involved

and clan makes no sense in solo so also remove it. no?

not every feature is valid for every game mode and that’s fine as long as a game mode did not fall behind feature wise.


I think different modes need to be different or it wouldn’t be different modes. I also think that pvp servers have the problem that the focus is too much on destroying each other’s bases. If funcom could add something that take away that focus of destroying each other bases ( but still let the possibility off course), than official pvp servers would have more players.

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Great way to look at it. As a PVPer, i don’t complain about the PVE aspects that are done (place ables, battle flags, etc…) because it doesn’t reduce anything on my style. Basically, if a feature is added that does not change anything negatively in my style, i am all for it for those that want it. This would be that. Literally something for PVP accomplishment to drive the PVP from being so personal.


Destroying isn’t the problem, it is the wipe or be wiped style. The mode is set up with an imbalance for people who have more leisure time, thus you better wipe them or they will wipe you. Something that rewards raiders and not genocidal war lords.

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Yes to all the above!


Missing a way to count my tralls… looool