Everything is True - Speculation on What We'll Next See in Season 2

In 2012 when TSW was still being advertised there was a trailer made called Everything is True ever since that everything in the trailer taken place so the purpose of this is to discuss what you think we’ll see next in Season 2. Here is the list. The one without crosses is stuff that is believed to have not been seen, but it is possible TVTropes missed some stuff.

Everything in the Everything is True Trailer will be implemented in the game.


…or otherwise be the central focus of future content.
For Simplicity’s sake here’s is a list
[X] The Signals disrupting our thoughts
[X] The Host that was here before us
[ ] The City on the Moon
[ ] The Missing eleven days
[X] The Earth is Hollow
[X] The Wagtails
[X] Portals in time and space
[X] The Bees returning
[X] The Eight that watch over us
[X] Solomon’s key
[X] The Tower of Babel Mentioned in the Phoenician Lore.
[X] The Old Gods
[X] Atlantis
[ ] The Ark of the Covenant
[X] Stonehenge’s beacon
[ ] The Fountain of Youth
[X] Immortal beings
[ ] The Planet’s aligning
[X] The End of Days
[ ] The Dark Places
[X] The Filth
[X] The Morning Light
[X] The Dreamers
[X] The Demons marching against us
[X] Lilith’s Children
[ ] The Blight in the Garden of Eden
[X] Digging too Deep

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There are billboards all over Kaidan for a hotel on the Moon.

“Container, contained.” At least that’s what I think this refers to. ETA: Just rewatched and it might be a Gaia Engine.

There’s a storyline in the new Agent Network refering to the Fountain of Youth bein found in Guatamala.

Not sure about the others, though I look forward to seeing how they show up. That’s my favorite TSW trailer so I’ve always been curious about how those will come up!

Well, I included this place https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Great_Zimbabwe in my list of theories in the Season 2 Guessing Game that Tron was holding and I still think it would make a perfect location for a Map, containing myths relating to the Phoenicians, Pharaonic Egypt, the Lost Tribes of Israel, The Garden Of Eden, and a whole lot of other Secret World related myths and legends.
Also, these:
Colossal, megalithic stone statues of strange, giant ink-black Birds.

I’m working on the assumption here that all of Season II will not consist of sneaking around a single campsite, and that other Maps will be included eventually.

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I thought everyone knew that Copperfield found that in the Bahamas years ago :wink:


I imagine this is the Filth gathering at the bottom of Agartha (as mentioned by the Stationmaster in his dialogue).

And I’m inclined to say this is the Dreaming Prison, though I’m not totally sure.

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Too small to be a Gaia Engine. You see the box with the Ark in Orochi Tower.

Oh, I mean, the trailer says, “The Ark of the Covenant is an engine”. It’s not just that the Ark of the Covenant is a thing in this world, but that it’s an engine. The ark we futz around with in Egypt (and what we see later) is a container for something very powerful, but no indication that the ark itself is something beyond a container.

That’s why I thought, maybe it’s possible that while we have an obvious ark, it might not be the Ark. Probably not tho, it’s probably the box in Last Train :slight_smile:

I rather expect that if this is every clearly resolved, it’ll turn out to be a 3rd Age Engine.

I’m pretty sure this was just rewritten before TSW came out.

  • I mean we have Khalid, who is probably a biblical character, telling us that Israelites fought the Black Pharao with an artifact (see The Unburnt Bush).
  • We have the Black Pharao coming to Egypt essentially because of 3rd Age artifacts (see The 3rd Age) and he eventually found an artifact to rival the power of the Israelites (see The Unburnt Bush). This essentially led to the creation of the Sentinels (see The Unburnt Bush & The Binding).
  • We have containers designed to keep powerful third age artifacts (see Issue 6).
  • So it stands to reason that the Ark of the Covenant is simply the container that held the artifact of the Israelites. But who knows, maybe there is more to it than that.

The Dark Places is just the overarching name that Ragnar gave to the Secret World Universe. The name was also used in one of the pre-launch ARG for this particular twitter account.

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Why is no one speaking about The Missing Eleven Days, that is one that really hooks me in.

Regarding Fountain of Youth, exact phrasing.

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I don’t suppose that could link in with the waning immortality of the younger vampires?

seriously, GLOW-IN-THE-DARK Hyenas what more COULD you want?



Dimir’s famous sausage made from them ?



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Oooo we can do a SWL bbq! :thinking: We have Dimir’s famous sausage, I got beer!

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Glowing hyenas as pets? That definitly would be something more to want…


now hopes for glowing stuff in the next cache, including a hyena-pet


The Missing Eleven Days was referencing something IRL. I remember Joel talking about it, but unfortunately, I can’t remember when nor where he did. I’m pretty certain it’s in reference to this: http://www.historic-uk.com/HistoryUK/HistoryofBritain/Give-us-our-eleven-days/


It also seems to be implying something bad happened during those missing days.