Everything stolen from open containers - Event log shows Cimmerian Berserker

Sorry if this topic isn’t in the right place. Woke up this morning to log onto our pvp server and everything in the crafting stations (including thralls) and open containers (like the preservation box) was gone. Event log shows them stolen by Cimmerian Berserker outside of pvp hours (4am server time). I get that anything in open containers is fair game any time, however there are no broken walls, no window frames, nothing in the event log to show any structural damage for them to get in. Is this an exploit? Can anything be done about it?

Need more details, is it an official server? private?
What I think is that someone made a secondary account, put a character name, Berserker cimmerian, entered your base through some gap and stole your things. Then he went to his base and downloaded, returned to his main character, so you do not know who he was.
It can be stolen from open containers even if it is not theft time.
If you are on a private server, possibly the admin of that server.

Sorry, Google translate.

It’s an official PvP server. There are no gaps in the base other than to break structure or fly into it. I didn’t realise you could create a name that had spaces in it, or that was a token NPC name.

Fly into it?
Remember that in this game you can climb and enter through the ceiling, the walls (rampart) are useless, steal through the windows or with a small mistake if you have the objects close to the walls, or that they come out.

Yes I am aware. In fact the player in question is logged in now so I can see he did choose that name as you suggested. There are no windows and when I said fly in, I meant the surrounding walls have fences at the top which would prevent climbing over them, even if you could climb that high.

Simple fix - ask him how he got in

A player by that name?stayed inside your base?

Yes, as ConanWar stated, It seems like someone with that name ran into your base behind you, and just stood still, hiding amongst your Thralls. Pretty smart if you assk me.

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