Everything stop crafting at night

Game mode: [Online]
Problem: [Bug]
Region: [EU]

After last update Everything stop crafting at night. I left at evening thrals at wheel pain, and something in cauldron, when i came at the next morning, everything is paused (stopped).

Instead of repairing, you spoil more, with each subsequent update.

Steps on how to reproduce issue:


Yes I noticed this too, it happens with the daily server restart early morning.
It seems the server retains the correct crafting que but not the on/off setting when it restarts.
This can be frustrating especially when you have a T4 thrall processed by low tier taskmaster or no taskmaster at all, takes already for ever, but if you don’t notice that the process has been stopped by the server restart, it becomes infinite.

I’ve noticed the same problem since the “patch” on Official Server PvE 3731.

Yes… it does seem like a case of “one step forward, two steps back” more than ever. Given the alleged ‘performance increases’ I am quite perplexed that my regular PS4 post patch seems to take LONGER to load textures & objects than it did during January.

[sarcasm] Hey this is not a bug, this is a realistic syndicate operation patch.
Workers should be left alone in the night, they deserve some hours of rest, so let them have thei napping time.
Nightshifts work only on indutrialized societies! [/sarcasm]


The best part of the day is running around to various bases and restarting all the stations so I still don’t have the supplies to make repairs or build defenses. Yay.

Hey there,

We fixed this issue internally and it will be released with the parity patch. We still don’t have any estimated release date.
Thanks for your feedback.

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Yes, that fix will be included as well :slight_smile:

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