Evil’s Damned! Come get some!

Join Evil’s Damned, High RAM and High CPU!

Do you think raiding is too easy and boring? Tired of weeks of work being taken away within 10 minutes? Do you think it’s ridiculous that to protect your base, you have to bog the server down? Ever thought that PVE and PVE-C need a little raiding? Want your work and progress to mean something?

Building damage is set to 0.2 instead of the usual 1.0 that official servers have. This means that bombs cause only about 1,500 HP damage instead of close to 7,000 (I just tested it).

Harvest: x3

PVP 24/7

Building damage on weekends

Keep MOST items on death. Weapons, armor, arrows, and consumables are all kept on death. All others items (ie bombs, dragon powder) drop on death to prevent suicide bombers.

Level up to 300!



Glass Constructions


Imrproved Quality of Life

Exiled Lands Improved

Dye More Betterer

Better Thralls

Thrall Sidekick

300 Level

Age of Calamitous

among others