Excessive fence foundations stacking


Found this on a server today that is rented but I know this happens on the officials I know this shouldn’t be allowed to. I honestly don’t know how to explain it the right way but I’ve herd it’s a glitch or something I honestly wouldn’t know I’ve seen it built to this but not how it gets there in the first place

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Hey there,

Make sure your report is following the [XBOX] Conan Exiles Bug Report Guidelines. You can edit your post by clicking *** More and then :pencil2: Edit.

I have changed the title to be more descriptive. Correct me if these are something else than walls, for example fence foundations (and what else might be able to be stacked like this). You can also change this by editing the post.

Thanks im not good at explaining stuff like this I was live on twitch last night and my followers was surprised to see it

Hi @ROLO, to be clear regarding this matter, this is currently not considered an exploit, bug, nor something our team may act upon in the form of an infraction report.

The developers are aware of this, however, and should there be an opportunity to revise the building system it will definitely be considered.


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