Excessive useless info on event log, hide actions exploit

Game mode: all
Type of issue: Misc
Server type: all
Region: all

Whenever i am getting fish from my fish traps all event logs are replaced by the irrelevant info that i have taken all fish from the fish traps and is possible to anyone to hide anything they have done just by taking my fish or anything irrelevant from placeables.

Step-by-step process :
1.Catch fish, honey, other items from your placeables
2.Fill the log with irrelevant information
3.Lose important event logs which can be used by an attacker to hide the events, simple by taking the fish from the fish traps or any chest: take all fish, put it back in, take it again, put it back in, take it again… every event log is now x player (clan) picked up fish!!!
4.Laugh at the improved log system, and congrats your enemy for making fun of it by using fish.

Ps. This new log system is horrible. Before it, i could place candles, plates and such on each of my bases around the map, and they are several, to know exactly which one was attacked by simple looking which type of furniture/deco was destroyed… but, now, i have a lot of fish on my logs

I know I’m being negative, but like everything they implement it is rushed, utterly broken, unfinished and not tested.

Agreed. We have a ten person clan. Because the event log length is limited important information rolls off the log before we can view it. For example, we cannot view information that happened more than a couple hours ago because people are moving food to feed thralls or picking up fish from fish traps. This means that we are missing essential information like bases decaying or thralls starving.

If I have to believe my event log, all my thralls died of hunger, yet they are all there and well fed…

Please read Upcoming features on the Official Wiki :slight_smile:

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